Testing yet again

This is all that amounts to a post for today, still poking around under the hood of the new site configuration. For those who mentioned they weren’t getting the feed, yours should be up and running again. If you don’t get it and happen by the site, do let us know.

Bonus points to Derek who’s redesigned the site. I hadn’t had a chance to tell him the feeds were broken but because he is obviously monitoring the site closely; he found mention of it in your comments and repaired it.

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  1. LisaB says:

    My feed is still not working. I use Google Reader. I’ve missed not having the feed and so came to the site to see what’s up. Wow! Lots, I see. At first glance, it looks great. I need to come visit more often.

    Have a wonderful “vacation”, Kathleen. Your itinerary sounds fantastic!

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