Swimming Lessons: Pool Tradeshow

The POOL Trade Show is doing something very innovative. They’re sponsoring Swim Lessons, a free seminar series to help you prepare for the launch of your brand at POOL. The free seminars will explain what you need to know to bring your designs to market. The series will include the fundamentals of:

  • Product promotion
  • Engaging buyers
  • Buyer prospecting
  • Lead generation

Last but not least, two additional features:

  1. The seminars will include a session on the nuts and bolts of navigating trade show infrastructure and avoid learning lessons the hard way.
  2. I’ll be there giving an open ended presentation in Q&A format on anything you ever wanted to know about launching a line.

Location: Pool Tradeshow, 2900 Rowena Ave | Silver Lake | CA 90039.
Date: June 6, 2007
Lunch is included. Be advised the announcement hasn’t been updated; the times are listed as 10:00-2:00 but it is unlikely to end before 4:00 PM.

Although the seminars are free, registration is required. If enough people sign up, it’s possible the seminars may be offered on the 7th as well. Email your date preference, name, title, telephone, and company ASAP. If you sign up, be sure to email me too so I can look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Ralinda says:


    This is so excellent. I am in a similar marketing based consulting business and find so many designers can go a lot further with the right direction. Do you know if there is room to involve any other companies to add to the discussion?

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