Sustainable fabric suppliers

Amended yet again 10/10/09 (older links are defunct).

A great resource for smaller quantities of organic sustainable fibers and supplies is NearSea Naturals. Handily enough, they’re based here in New Mexico.

Another option is Harmony Art which features certified organic cotton fabrics printed with eco-friendly inks and dyes.

For larger quantities of sustainable fabrics, both the fabric sourcing and the sustainable section in the forum are useful. I regret it can’t be public but people are cautious sharing information publicly that constitutes competitive advantage.

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  1. Chris says:

    I had no idea that there were so many large scale sustainable fabric companies. I always picture hemp, or on the very rare occasion organic cotton. I am going to bookmark this one. Thanks!

  2. Eric Benson says:

    This information needs to be more wide spread… I was just at an upholsterer who knew absolutely nothing of the dangers of formaldehyde-based glue and Scotchgaurd protection on furniture fabrics. I asked for bamboo, hemp, organic cotton samples and was told they didn’t exist. However, we all know that is wrong. Sad state of affairs (for now).

  3. I am interested in finding some new sustainable and organic fibers for coats. I currently use the old tried and true silk, wool, and cashmere, and blends of the aformentioned, but am looking for new options. This link no longer seems to work…. does the list still exist somewhere?

  4. lori says:

    hi im currently making a dress out of old lace scraps and am interested in incoporating sustainable fabrics. The dress is a wedding dress, so if there are any suggestions as to which fabrics they recommend would be the most suitable it would be much appreciated.

  5. Esra says:

    I’m working on a fashion collection made from 100% sustainable fabrics. I need more resources as well. The link doesn’t work. Any suggestions??

  6. Megg says:

    I am on the hunt for sustainable fabric, but something with a similar texture to industrial strength nylon- to be used for bags. I have been searching and searching. Could anyone lead me in the right direction?

  7. Grace says:

    For those who need recyclable waterproof fabrics check out suppliers of Ecospun.

    Draper Knitting 28 Draper Lane Canton , MA 02021
    Phone: 781-828-0029

    Malden Mills Industries Inc., 46 Stafford Street Lawrence , MA 01842
    Phone: 978-685-5723

    Carolina Mills Inc., Plant No.3 , 28 N. Caldwell Avenue, Newton , NC 28658
    Phone: (828) 322-6055

  8. rosemary says:

    Hello! this is exciting to find…but the links to the fabric suppliers won’t work..does anyone still have that list?? I design and make apparel and would love to cruze through the sustainable suppliers!!! Any guidance would be sweeeeet!
    ..good day..

  9. kathleen says:

    I am to surmise Verdopolis is now defunct, can’t find any mention of them after 2005. All of the other links in this entry work tho.

  10. Joan says:

    Does anyone have current information on sustainable suppliers? I am looking for a water resistant-ish, rip-stop, backpack material, I need something pretty durable. Social and environmental responsibility should not be so hard to find. Am I just looking in the wrong places? Please help! Any ideas would be really appreciated!!

  11. Julie says:

    I received samples of Petspun (www. from Jeen Wei Co. in Taiwan. They sent me two weights of the fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a waterproof, sustainable, PVC-free fabric that comes in various colors. The lighter weight is similar to nylon, very smooth, satiny texture, a lot like lighter weight umbrella fabric. It holds a crease if ironed but otherwise resists wrinkles. I am planning to use it for the outer layer of rainwear. The heavier weight is also fairly light but not as smooth a texture, does not hold a crease or pleats. I inquired today about minimums and pricing but haven’t heard back yet.

  12. miri says:

    How can you tell that’s a real organic fabric?

    I have ordered organic fabric samples, I can’t tell the differences. Anyone could tell me the difference. And what should I mention about…?

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