Suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions

Feel free to jump in. Must be short and sweet. Bonus points if you can compose it in haiku. Why? Because I felt like making it a rule. Many rules are just as arbitrary if you think about it. Here’s my first one:

DE frets on sales
Makes a pricey plan for naught
Should first turn off tunes!

Seriously. Resolve to stop chasing your customers off your site. Today. Forget expensive grand plans that will take months to bear fruition (or not) and just turn the music off first. It will be okay. Promise.

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  1. Lauren says:

    ok here’s mine:

    a new idea
    begins life as “the wrong way”
    trust yourself more

    this year I have gotten tired of being told “that’s the wrong way” in terms of creativity. Not everything has to be based on the same old ideas. That’s why I love kathleen’s blog and I’m a member here, she’s always finding out about new ways of doing things in better ways. In 2010 my resolution is to trust myself more, and try out my ideas even when others say it can’t be done!

    Happy New Year everyone :)

  2. JustGail says:

    Happy New Year! I *think* this follows haiku rules…..

    Not in the business
    Much goes way over head
    Should buy Kathleen’s book?

    OK, not a resolution, more of a question. I’m not in the garment business, and have no plans to be. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, especially the pattern puzzles, and entries such as the seam allowance one. I’ve looked at the table of contents for your book, it looks like a wonderful reference for those in the garment manufacturing business, or want to be. How much information in it would be useful to a home-sewer who wants to improve their own sewing?

    Thanks! Gail (who also hates music on web sites, unless I ask for it)

  3. JustGail,
    If you buy the book you can join the forum. There are a few of us enthusiasts there and it’s mostly enthusiasts who ask the fitting questions, so we contribute to the forum in that way. I personally love the forum community because it provides a lens for approaching life in a focussed and disciplined way, but other enthusiasts enjoy it because they find other people who (for instance) share their tool addiction.

  4. LisaB says:

    JustGail, I’m an enthusiast who hangs out here and in the forum. My favorite thing I learned from Kathleen’s book is the proper way to make lining patterns. There is useful information regarding pattern making, tools, seam allowances, etc., but much of that info is offered freely in Kathleen’s blog entries, too. She’s shared much here for free that others insist on charging for.

    Like Alison said, joining the forum is a bonus because of the community you become a part of.

  5. Last year’s successes?
    Triumphing adversity!
    Head the list with those.

    The realistic approach to New Year’s resolutions. What did you struggle through last year that took grit and determination? Personal best territory – not what someone else admires, or finds difficult.

    In 2009, I (with some effort) took regular walks with a friend. We exercised our minds as well as our bodies, got in some major bonding, and alley-recycled a couple truckloads of stuff (sent most of it to ARC, our Goodwill clone).

    I designed a couple more chemo hats and put the patterns and instructions up as free PDFs on my web site. I don’t have cancer (or plans for it), but need to support the community that makes my lifestyle possible.
    Chemo hats

    So, for 2010:
    1. Take walks (not more walks, or faster walks)
    2. Pay attention to opportunities for, and do, community service

  6. That was the start of my list, not all of it.

    Seconding, third-ing, fourth-ing buying Kathleen’s book, or making a donation to her site if you’ve already got one. Look at how carefully but heavily used your copy is. Think of how often you visit this site (and/or the forum).

    Support this resource.

  7. I arrive here through the unending grapevine of the blogosphere! Love this haiku idea. Here are a couple of mine:

    Oy! Too much fabric!
    New rule: stuff into three bins.
    Otherwise? Use it.

    I love green and clean,
    But my Web host needs greening.
    Research, then save Earth.

    I posted the rest of them on my blog ( … Didn’t want to be TOO spammy. ;)

    I’m also a fan of Fashion Incubator on Facebook now. Woo!

  8. Dorothy Klein says:

    Bon Annee to all for everything I’ve learned from you. Makes even the depths of disability easier to bear and keeps me from losing my creativity et. al. To Carol Kimball, muchos gracias (yes I’m mixing my languages, but since Katrina, New Orleans is becoming more and more Hispanic. Yeah!!!!) for the link to your site. I’m already plying with your sketching tutorial with results better and more fearless each minute. Maybe next I’ll jump from alterations to pattern drafting!!! And, Kathleen, thanks for every bit of inspiration and thought you’ve given me.

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