Such drama!

Well. If you hadn’t noticed something was amiss, the site was hacked. It happens every now and again. I’ve decided to implement some rather stringent controls* so knock on wood, it won’t happen again. In the meantime, you may notice a few oddities here and there. Don’t assume I know. Be a dear and tell me what bugs you find?

One artifact of the hack is that author’s names are missing from posts. That is not going to be fun to fix. I’m away until Tuesday and won’t be able to deal with much until then.

In just a bit I’ll post the entries I’d written this week that were supposed to be posted before now. If I don’t have a chance to say otherwise later, I hope your weekend is lovely!

* I hired JT Pratt to clean up this mess. It may be an option for anyone needing to lock down a blog; they specialize in Word Press.

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  1. The first time this happened it needed to be rebuilt from scratch, and a lot of old stuff was irrevocably lost.

    I’m glad to know that hackers can’t get nearly as far or break things as badly.

    We’ll wait, Kathleen. We’re with you.

  2. Jody says:

    I’m sorry this happened, Kathleen. My husband works in IT and over the years of watching him struggle with security issues, I’ve come to the conclusion that hackers are useless human beings who that get their feelings of self worth by wreaking havoc with others who actually contribute to the world. The only people whose admiration and respect they earn are other worthless hackers. Pathetic.

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