Style File!

Sorry I didn’t get around to checking in yesterday; I’d planned to post the archives entry but it’s been one long information dump since I got here. Pretty intense…I just hope I can remember half of it later.

The software program from Patternworks is named -[drum roll]- Style File. If you only knew. I think it took longer to name the product than it took to code it. Kidding of course but naming it took over a year. Although Patternworks has been using the system for years, internally they called it “Lina” [edited 3/10/08] named after a staff member at Patternworks. Lina is the Goddess of spec packages; she who will be obeyed. Lorraine (co-owner) says Lina taught her to make spec packages back in 82′ or was is 84′? At any rate, Lina has made spec packages for over 25 years at the biggest and best companies and has used every PDM and PLM package on the market. When I say Style File is the best of them, it really doesn’t mean much. That Lina does, is another matter entirely. I love this thing.

Below you will not find the pictures I took of Lina, nor a product shot of her namesake because ever clever, I forgot the cord that connects my camera to the laptop. Considering the recent spate of really bad photos I’ve managed to take of people, you could rightly consider this a reprieve. Enjoy it while it lasts.

{edit} Lorraine says I spelled Lina’s name wrong. Typical eh? Ah well, it’s fixed now.

Now I have to go clean up. Grace is picking me up from the hotel for the brunch with local F-I members before I have to fly out this afternoon. I think we have six or seven coming. Silly girl, she asks if I want to go to a Japanese bookstore before or after brunch. I’ll take both please.

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