Spring/Summer 2007 runway fashions

Julie and Phil over at Coutorture have been busy filming the Spring/Summer 2007 fashion shows in New York and I’m including links to their fine work here (some of the videos aren’t loading right now and I don’t know why). Julie has conducted interviews with designers Nicole Miller, Blair Del Monico, Terexov and Dragana Ognjenovic. Julie has also interviewed retailer Laura Eisman of Girlshop, makeup artist Keven Kindelson and conducted two interviews with Anna Wintour Editor in Chief of Vogue. Other media people interviews include Cate Corcoran, Lesley of Fashion Tribes and Samir Arora of Glam.com

The videos of runway shows include Oscar De La Renta, Tuleh, Carolina Herrerra, DKNY, Proenza Schouler, Diane von Furstenburg, Dragana Ognjenovic, Terexov, Atil Kutoglu (two shows), Costello Tagliapietra, Rag and Bone, Blair DelMonico, Twinkle, Sabyasachi, Alice Roi and lastly, Nicole Young. Enjoy!

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  1. gary wassner says:

    I’d be happy to give you my opinions of the shows I saw so far:

    Mara Hoffman – bright fabrics, bold prints. Lots of lime green, one of the big spring colors. She designs young clothing for young, perfectly shaped girls. There’s a tahitian edge to it by virtue of the prints and the looseness of the clothing. Very young, very sexy, very feminine. Some cute dresses, but there was quite a bit of repetition on the runway.

    James Coviello – Fabulous dresses for a sweet, young woman. Great combinations of loose knitted tops and vests over more structured skirts and blouses. Lots of colors, but in a subtle, sophisticated way. Accessorized by Alexis Bittar’s awesome jewelry, the models all looked a little quirky but not odd, old fashioned, but terribly modern. It was so so pretty, and that’s the best description i can offer.

    Tuleh – Great clothing for a fashion forward woman with money. From coats to tops to shoes, Bryan Bradley creates an entire look. The Tuleh girl is smart and sexy, but very confident. She walks tall and loves her slightly off beat clothing. But she wants to spend the dollars on the luxe off-beat designers. She’s unique and devoted to Bryan’s vision. He’s a master at flattering a woman’s body and making her look great.

    Thom Browne – The best men’s wear designer in the market. He is the one setting the trends. He’s created an entire new look for me that is now trickling down everywhere into the mass market. His show was not a show. It was a 40 minute movie that he wrote and produced along with some others. In addition to being an intelligent and provocative film in its own right, it clearly showed his fabrics, his styles and his look, as all the characters wore the clothes, and wore them well. Tom is a gem among piles of coal in the men’s wear market today. He follows his heart and his heart has impeccable taste.

    Derek Lam – As expected, beautifully crafted clothing, luxe fabrics, tissue leather, silk, beading etc. His blouses and loose fitting dresses were beautiful, coupled with embellished vests, either over skirts, short shorts or pants. The few evening dresses were heavy and a bit awkward – one shoulder dresses with the shoulder strap made out of thick braid and in dark colors. But the accessories, from the bags to the shoes, were fabulous. And the vast majority of the collection was flawlessly executed, but a bit unusual for Derek. He had his share of celebs in attendance, including Asthon Kutsher and Demi Moore, as well as Anna Wintour. The room was full and excited.

    Maria Cornejo – minimalist designs in a pallet of bland, neutral colors, all coupled with keds sneakers, sliced and strapped and cut out very tastefully. Her styles are geometric creations, her fabrics natural. She’s dressing a young, urban girl who wants to look different and appreciates utilitarian clothing that has an edge to it.

    Peter Som – Elegant, beautifully constructed suits and dresses in a wide array of soft, spring colors. Blush, tan, washed blues. great blouses with wonderful details on the shoulder and arms, little bits of lace peeking out from under the hems of the jackets, and charming, sophisticated evening dresses, pleated and trained in the back, high waisted and terribly attractive. The collection was consistent and showed extremely well. Back stage before the show, there was a confident calm, unlike most of the shows. And that’s the best way to describe the show.

    Yeohlee, Douglas Hannant and Y & kei later.

  2. Stylebites says:

    Hate to be a downer but it’s a shame she wasted such great access asking dumb questions. I went to over 30 shows…would be happy to pass along any info you’d be interested in, including the inspiration notes and run sheets.

    Miss our emails…shame I’ve been working so much lately. Will catch up.

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