So whatchya think? We’ve got sponsors now. The ads aren’t appearing on all pages yet and won’t until after I rebuild the site this weekend when traffic is low (rebuilding uses a tremendous amount of system resources). I’ve got three more companies signed on and I’m just waiting on artwork.

Regarding site design, I tried to shoot for something unobtrusive, something that wouldn’t detract from your navigation of the site. They’ll be over in that far right sidebar, loading on all pages. I may have to modify that slightly because I see one problem now that I didn’t anticipate, truly a duh moment.

The tech product companies have no problem investing in sponsorships. The issue is that smaller suppliers -most likely to serve us- mostly can’t ad size-wise. Until I started this yesterday, I didn’t realize this was why publications like Apparel mainly had ads from tech companies. I don’t want the ad population limited to tech related stuff, valuable though it is, because there’s only so much real estate over there. So -and I want your opinion on this- I’m thinking of adding limited sponsorships, putting their ads in the middle of a post. You see this all the time on other sites. They won’t be grotesque with dancing fonts, something tasteful. And not on all posts either. Just some, sometimes. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Ayanna says:

    It may be the size of my monitor, but I have that whole side to side scrolling thing going to see the ads…and I know how much you hate that. However, like I said, it may just be my monitor.

  2. Oxanna says:

    It makes my monitor (14-15″, I think) scroll side-to-side too, but not significantly. I can see about 1/2 of the ad. I appreciate the tastefulness, though – otherwise it’s very good.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love that your posts are ad free in the middle or anywhere for that matter under the title, or at closing. It is so much easier to concentrate, especially if you have pictures in them illustrating your entry. The sidebar works perfectly for the ads (I don’t have a large screen, but it is a wide one, so I don’t have to scroll at all, I have blue background left over on both sides, so maybe if you shrink them in a little width wise, people with regular monitors won’t have to scroll). The layout works for me, it’s very clean, I can focus on the content and the ads, there’s something about categories and groups I like. Articles over here, ads over there, but then again I like to organize to relax, lol.

  4. Danielle says:

    For me, on the main page the ads are at the bottom of the right sidebar, but if I click into a specific post they are at the bottom of the page. Is this intentional?

    I don’t have a problem with seeing an ad at the bottom of the post before the comments.

  5. Lisa NYC says:

    I’m thrilled to hear FI has sponsorship!

    I’m on a 17 inch monitor and see 1/2 of the ads on the right top of the screen.

    I like the current layout.

    Placing a sponsor ad (whether limited or ongoing) in the middle of an article may be too distracting.

    I like the idea of all sponsor ads on the right side bar. Yet, the ongoing growth of this site if far more important than my or any other reader’s visual preferences.

    Way to go, Kathleen!

    With friendship,

  6. Faye says:

    Congratulations, Kathleen, on getting sponsorship. I’m on a 17 inch monitor too and do not have to scroll across; I see everything and the ads are clickable for me. I personally don’t care for “imbedded” ads within posts so having the ads on the right sidebar works for me. I love the blue background. The front page looks great – very polished.

  7. Connie says:

    How about having the ads at the beginning or the end of posts instead of in the middle? They’d get full attention but wouldn’t be obtrusive. But they shouldn’t blink, dance or move in any way;I purposely avoid companies with ads like that.

  8. Deanna says:

    The ads you have on this page are very good, crisp and clean, adding to the page but not distracting from the content.
    I agree that having an ad in the middle of the post would be iritating. I would try to ignore it while i am reading and might not go back to it. Perhaps between the post and the comments.
    Or small postage stamp type shaped ads – like teasers. Thanks again for a great site, Kathleen!

  9. Christy B. says:

    I don’t mind the ads at all; I don’t have to scroll to see them either. Ads at the end of your posts would not bother me but it would be a tiny bit distracting for them to show up in the middle of your posts. The quality of your content is so high though that I think you could get away with blinky talking ads if you really felt like it! (Please don’t.)

  10. Birgitte Mutrux says:

    Congrats, Kathleen! The site looks great- love the blue background. I’m on a 17″ Mac, and see everything clearly, no side scrolling. I’m so happy for you, yet I’m still sending donations. Your blog is priceless.

  11. Paize says:

    It’s great you got sponsorship. This is one of the sites where I would actually need the services being advertised since I am constently looking for vendors. I have a wide screen monitor, so I can see everything. Personally I prefer them on the side, all in one place. But wouldn’t mind if it was at the beginning or the end of the posts, just not in the middle. And thanks for asking us for our opinions.

  12. Josh says:

    The tech product companies have no problem investing in sponsorships. The issue is that smaller suppliers -most likely to serve us- mostly can’t ad size-wise.

    Could you explain this further. Ad size-wise means what?

    The ads are great! I’m on my monster 21.5″ screen.

  13. Good for you for getting sponsors!! I don’t mind ads. I just ignore the ones that aren’t of interest. Regarding ads in the middle of a post, I almost universally ignore them. Not for any negative reasons, just that I’m usually too busy reading the post and I simply don’t ‘see’ the ad in the middle. FWIW.

  14. Yahzi Rose says:

    I’m so proud of you for accepting sponsors! The site design is great. Very clean. I’m on a wide-screen laptop and I don’t have to scroll, I love the blue.

    I think you should add the sponsorships as you feel they are neccesary, but personally, I always purposefully ignore ads in the middle of any text. Its like a blaring TV as I’m reading a good novel, annoying.

  15. Big Irv says:

    I commend you on adding these sponsors. Obviously these companies understand and appreciate the hard work and effort you have put into the blog and the forum . I hope this allows you to take FI to the next level and to reach the many, many more people that will find it of utmost importance.

    Hopefully more industry suppliers will take note of your efforts and see that the sewn products industry is very alive and kicking in this hemisphere.
    This is a very positive step you are taking. I see great things ahead for you and FI.

  16. Marguerite Swope says:

    Congratulations on the sponsors! I’m just catching up after time away, so this post is late, but I want to say I’m happy Lisa at ClothingLabels4U is a sponsor. I’ve used her services twice for woven labels and she’s just great. Fast service, quality labels.


  17. Diane says:


    I love your blog and support anything that keeps it going! I think sponsors are a great idea, especially since their ads are for products or services most of us will be interested in. I concur with others that an ad in the middle of text would be more distracting than useful, both for readers and your sponsors.

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