SPESA 2010 pt.1: Home again

I returned from the SPESA show in Atlanta late last night. Did you miss me? I missed all of you very much. Apparently lowest-rate-interest loans missed me the most, they left 33 comments. Detox foot spa was pining my absence with eight. Radu had glowing accolades for my opinions (on two archive posts) as did Nike sportshoes, and Australia’s complete health. Portugal Vacation Real Estate thanked me on behalf of their membership for CPSIA updates. Tebonin was solicitous of my recovery with helpful suggestions for cut-rate tinnitus vertigo tabs. Holandii was succinct saying “Ciekawy artykul, bede wpadal na twoja stronke czesciej zapewne” and Niemiec concurred with “Gdzie mozna pobrac template ktory uzyles na swoium blogu?” Designer Sunglasses regretted not being able to meet me in Hong Kong but constructively suggested I update my graphics template. How about the rest of you? How did your week go? Do tell me all about it.

I uploaded some photos to a web album if you want to see some of us. There is some prime blackmail material in there. Most of it involving a belly dancer. I’d have more blackmail candidates but Sarah Bosch and Mr. Fashion-Incubator insisted on monopolizing her time. There are many more photos but I’m waiting on Mr. F-I to upload those. He also shot quite a few videos.

Speaking of videos, Eric shot one of the welt pocket machine in action. It’s impressive, you almost want to clap when it’s done. In passing, the man demonstrating remarked that perfect welts could only be done by the welt machine, never “by hand” meaning step by step with a lockstitch machine. All at the same time, three (four?) of us said that you could, that we’d all done it. He repeated his comment, insisting it was impossible. Then we all laughed in chorus. Good naturedly, not maliciously, it was funny. I reiterated that each of us had made perfect welt pockets, even the one of us who couldn’t sew and who’d said it was so simple it was almost stupid. I told the machine demonstrator that the trick was to do it exactly the way the machine does it only step by step (with a self-made jig) and that I’d put the instructions on my website which I offered to send him later. In the end I think he suspected we were telling the truth because he abruptly walked away with an annoyed expression on his face. One could presume that not only am I intent upon preserving my near perfect record of ensuring I won’t be invited to any industry cocktail parties, I’m bent on having my friends roundly excluded too. Minimally, you have to give me credit for being efficient about it.

More to come next week!

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  1. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    *I* want him to hurry up with that. :-) I don’t know how long till I can edit my photos, as too many people here hog the 1 computer with photo-editing software.

    Maybe we should send the pocket machine guy samples of pockets we’ve made w/ lockstitch machines, just to show him. ;-)

    Both Kathleen and I got the pieces of fabric they and the other pocket machine people were using to demonstrate the machine, plus a jeans pocket made on a hemmer/attacher combo of 2 machines. The Reece pocket only takes less than a minute!!

  2. Elaine says:

    Yikes, I didn’t realize your spam was so deep…. And I’m sure you’re really interested in how sick I’ve been this week. lol. I loved your welt pocket machine story…

  3. Lisa Blank says:

    Yikes! That picture of me at Truva is horrendous, and now it’s on the internet. Oh well. It was a fun evening with good company and delicious food.

    I have nearly identical pictures of the pintuck machine except Siruba’s version. I wish I could have been present at the welt pocket demo. I would surely have joined the choir.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Maybe we should send the pocket machine guy samples of pockets we’ve made w/ lockstitch machines, just to show him.

    I entertained a daydream fantasy whereby hundreds of people across the country mailed this guy samples of their pockets.

    Lisa Blank: For some weird reason, your comment was held for moderation; are you posting from a new IP?

    Elaine: I had more than that but there wasn’t much amusing about them.

  5. Jess H. says:

    Oh dear, the last photo of that poor man’s sourcing instruction sheet made me laugh (especially after seeing the show)… I wonder how she got him to agree to the task!

  6. Kathleen says:

    You’re right Jess. It was only in the show’s environment that the irony was so (unintentionally) humorous. It doesn’t look so bad from here but there… there was no solution for it. And in spite of her trying to be as specific as possible but without the trade terminology, there was nothing to be done with it without samples, swatches and technical sketches. The nephew was really sweet, he really tried hard to help his aunt, an honest effort. Eric took him around to a few booths. I hope she regroups and finds what she needs.

  7. Sarah B says:

    Woo hoo! What a hoot! Thanks for the pictures of me and my hot date. Now my co-workers know I wasn’t making it all up! Looks like you have some Polish text in there from people that found your blog interesting and had found some good articles… then, in that last sentence, they ask where they can get the template you use to make your blog. (??? Huh???) I speak Polish too! Well, ok, only a little tiny bit. I guess not enough… LOL

    Thanks for everything! I had a great time! : )

  8. Kiran Bindra says:

    So great to put so many faces to the names :-) Didn’t know there were soo many of us who could really shake it when it came down to it. Wish we had some pictures of Kathleen with Belly dancer, you were awesome!!

    Staying grounded in Atlanta the next little while. Looking forward to being more active on our forum.


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