Speaking of forecasts

For several reasons I can express and other reasons I can only intuit, I predict that the growth of India’s apparel sector will grow, surprising the expectations of those who (mostly) can’t see beyond China. For one thing, people from India are scrappy, hardworking, inventive, inquisitive and they’re not afraid of technology. For another, India’s quickly becoming the outsource resource for China import restrictions refugees. Another reason is that Indian contractors are small-order friendly. Lastly, my site stats report significant traffic increases from Chennai (previously Madras), Bombay and Delhi. India has two last advantages; their infrastructure is comparatively robust and English is widely spoken there -both are advantages that China does not share.

Two of the world’s largest cities are in India. Bombay is first, Karachi (in nearby Pakistan) is second, and Delhi is third. Perhaps we don’t need to be looking as far east as we thought for perceived threats -or assistance- to domestic apparel production.

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  1. Your commnents about looking to India for outsourcing as threat/assistance are also true for my own industry — information technology, which appears at first glance to be as different from apparel manufacturing as night is from day. Maybe not.

  2. Miranda says:

    It’s interesting that I found this entry just now in 2013. I have found more and more items manufactured in India come through my office in the past couple years (I work for an off-price wholesaler). I’m sure it will continue to increase.

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