So, what did you do on thanksgiving?

Not that you’d know from the looks of it but I’ve been doing this and this and this and this and this and this and this (which didn’t work with this) with a little bit of this thrown in just for kicks. Would somebody please remind me just why it is that I like Movable Type so much? You know, I managed the install, you’d think I could upgrade it but who knew? Installing blogging software is not for sissies. I suppose I’ll try again tomorrow ~sigh~.

If it weren’t for these people (and a little bit of this) -I, you, me, we’d- be dead in the water because in this midst of it all, I managed to delete the entire back end of the website. Yeah. Really. If you’re looking for a webhost, you could not do better than this company. They responded to my panic help ticket in less than 3 minutes…on thanksgiving day and restored the site! I was so grateful I told Abdul Hakeem (the technician on duty -Bill Kish- the General Manager also responded to my help ticket!) that I wanted to bear his children but he hasn’t written me back to take me up on the offer. Good thing, what would I tell my husband? Instead, I suppose I’ll be baking cookies and shipping them off to them.

So, what did you do on thanksgiving?

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  1. Christy Fisher says:

    Somehow it makes my day lighter to know you were in the office too.
    I spent mine finishing up 6 orders that I have to next day air out..and 2 that I will be delivering to local accounts today and tomorrow.
    2 new accounts called orders in on Wednesday and want them by next weekend. They just found me on the internet and went nuts with ordering.
    That’s one of the joys of being lean- we can turn on a dime and add a few more $$$ at the last minute.. but it often involves giving up the turkey and social events.
    I plan on taking a couple of days off after this madhouse crunch and drive to the beach in the middle of the week…buy a turkey sandwich at some deli…and be thankful.
    I always seem to take my holidays when everyone else goes back to their offices.
    Hang tough..mercury’s in retro until Dec. 3rd..(it rules computers and communications..and usually wreaks a bit of havoc)

  2. Susan Cassini says:

    I too worked on some orders on Thanksgiving while my daughter Yasmin, who is home from college, cooked with my mother. I quickly ate the yummy 10 course meal and came home,(my mom lives next door) and worked on into the evening. People think that when you work at home you lead a life of leasure. I work on holidays, weekends, birthday’s, (including Jesus’) But you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way… :)

  3. Mike C says:

    Amy and I spent most of the day at the office catching up on some things while our employees were off.

    Then we had a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, before getting up at the crack of dawn today so she could buy some gadget at one of the many Black Friday early morning sales here in Houston.

  4. Jess says:

    I slept until 11:00. Woke up, ate my lunch, the usual, broccoli, pineapple…MISSISSIPPI MUD CAKE (not so usual) In the middle of the day I exercised for 1 and a 1/2 hours (is that uniquely rebellious enough for ya?). After that took a bath. Made vegetarian stuffing and ate Thanksgiving dinner with my Mother (who just got back from her sisters, having had eaten earlier with her) and Jess. Thanksgiving is the ASS of all holidays for our family. We are all so split up these days with our own thing that we don’t get together on turkey day. I feel lonely, depressed, rejected and if I haven’t off-ed myself on that day it was a good one. Same goes for New Years Eve.

  5. Here in the Bay Area, separated-from-family is so common, it’s easy to get friends together for dinner. Which is also great ’cause it can be potluck, so no one shoulders the burden of cooking the whole meal. Which is what I did, and I really enjoyed it.

    I do think New Year’s is an armpit, though–I don’t party and I always feel like I should on New Year’s, but I never get invited to anything because my party friends know I don’t party. anyway. Hopefully I will someday love New Year’s when I break into the costume/dress ball niche, and I’m designing half the fabulous costumes/gowns in town for that day ;)

  6. Cinnamon says:

    I enjoyed a starch and turkey fest at my mom’s, held my nephew for a long time while he slept, knitted part of a baby afghan, chatted with family and relaxed, and then stayed up for a couple of hours after everyone went to sleep entering info into Excel so I can get ready for the tax prep. And even though I enjoyed everything I did, I continually had a list running through my mind of what I could be getting done if I was home. Now I’m off to get some of that stuff done.

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