There’s a new style and sustainability blog called fiftyRX3 with a sustainable style carnival to be published Monday.

I’ve updated the tutorials index file; it was updated last in September. I’ve also added a link to the complete archives if you care to start reading from the beginning.

The Chicago AIBIlooks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck fashion incubator announces the dates for the upcoming June Fabric & Trim show. Great for small quantity buys.

Speaking of fashion incubators, would Dave whoever is sending hate mail to the Toronto Fashion Incubator, please stop? This behavior doesn’t further the cause and they’re nice people over there. So what if they were ignoring me? I love what they’re doing there and I wish we could do more of that ourselves. Besides, I almost -almost- like it when people ignore me. The alternative could lead to changing the way I write. I wouldn’t be nearly as spunky. I like sitting in a dark balcony and sticking my tongue out at the man at the podium but I wouldn’t want to be there myself.

Speaking of ignoring me, Apparel has published their annual Buyer’s Guide for 2006. It won’t be available online until June but the download is free once it goes live. The listing grows more meager by the year. Since most of that is due to industry downsizing, one would think Apparel would become more proactive in seeking submissions for listings. Yours truly is not listed and I’m one of their top three traffic generators. Hmmmm.

People who are ignoring me: James Girone and WWD. ApparelSearch even and this guy had the nerve to ask me to give -yes give– him my site!

MeggieCat (cute blog) is not ignoring me. Neither is Patternworks who sent a first anniversary gift to support this site.

Has anybody heard of an outfit called “Southwest Contractors” in Houston? Are they any good? Word has it that they have 15-20 stitchers and 25-30 machines so they’re nicely sized for DEs.

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  1. Marilynn says:

    I contacted her last year. At that time she had 9 sewers in house and 6 that worked from their homes. She said she had regular customers and new stuff got worked in around them. She’s Trinh Nguyen, Southwest Manufacturing. Prices are quoted after she made a sample. I would be curious to know if others could confirm this info.

  2. Mike C says:

    I remember them now.

    We tried to get a hold of them a couple of years ago on the recommendation of our local industrial sewing machine shop. They were always pretty busy – never could hook up with the right person.

  3. Josh says:

    Did I read what I think I read? The guy from Apparel Search wanted you to give your site to him at no charge? Did that include the content and or just domain name? What was his reasoning on this? You gotta give me the transcripts of this whole thing lol, this is too much. I’m trying to picture how that went down “Give me your site little lady, it’s too much power for a woman like you!” :::points gun at Kathleen:::

  4. Josh says:

    Visiting the June Fabric and Trim Show site made an idea pop into my head. Has anyone thought of the idea of having an online fabric show? You have it housed under 1 site for example and every mill has it’s own sub site and it’s all listed under a directory. Each mill has a live person you can chat with just like at a real vendor. You can flip through a fabric gallery and request fabric samples of things that strike your fancy to be sent to you. You can go into the lobby and chat with others who are there. It saves you foot work and gas money and time. It’s seems like the future.

  5. Kathleen says:

    The guy from Apparel Search wanted you to give your site to him at no charge? Did that include the content and or just domain name? What was his reasoning on this? You gotta give me the transcripts of this whole thing lol, this is too much.

    It was simply not to be believed. We went back and forth a bit, I explained I could be an author on his blog (in exchange to promote the book etc) but no, he wanted F-I, lock, stock and barrel. Everything. I couldn’t decide which was more ludicrous, his “offer” or what this site would look like if he owned it. You wouldn’t be able to find the copy for all the ads. His selling point was that I wouldn’t have to pay hosting fees. Can you believe that? Wow, he’d be saving me $9 a month. Generously, he said I could keep the affiliate links (text links to amazon books I mention) and have my ad for the book up (of course it’d end up gravitating to the worst area of blog real estate). His ownership would have destroyed this blog. Not to say that I wouldn’t ever sell this blog but it won’t be for $9 a month.

  6. Big Irv says:

    Is this the same guy who bombards the Internet with his crappy offers of Web opportunities ? Yeah, I saw his site. It is a disgrace to the industry. I wonder where and how he accumulates these lists he tries to pawn off on people. I wonder if anyone can try any before they buy ? MMmmm
    Not a chance. Huckster if I ever smelt one !!

  7. Kathleen says:

    The fiftyRX3 Link in the first paragraph is giving me a permissions error. Can you check that the link is correct?

    The link is correct. I don’t know why it’s not working now.

    [comment updated]
    I wrote Jill. She says:
    I am so dismayed. This seems to be a blogger problem in general as I cannot access other blogs using blogger’s platform. I think they are doing maintenance or having trouble… this happens everyonce in awhile.

  8. another wish says:

    southwest contractors in houston, never heard of them but would be interested in more information if anyone knows.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Btw, James Girone is not ignoring me. I’d been meaning to make his acquaintance and write him (he has a great site and I thought it a good idea to remind some of you to visit) but what better way to introduce myself than to send him a little traffic beforehand? It was my idea of a joke. Anyway, I wrote him that day but I haven’t heard from him since so maybe he is ignoring me. That’ll teach me, huh?

    Boy, wasn’t that weird that somebody from here was sending hate mail to FI-Toronto? That made us look like a bunch of wackos and very unprofessional. I was very embarrassed dealing with that news via email. I guess it’s unavoidable that an open community will end up with their share of trolls.

    Regarding the site problems over at, I got this message from Jill, an update:
    Due to problems over at blogger I am going to extend the carnival deadline to this Sunday. If you are having trouble accessing the blog, Blogger promises things should be fixed shortly, so check back later.

    I know it may be impossible, but I’d love to see people in sustainability and style merge on this one. Not a believer? Visit Future Fashion to view what is possible.

    If you know of any blogless friends who want to participate, they can just email me a jpeg and I’ll post it. So, please forward this to your stylish friends. Wouldn’t it be cool to see one long post of what everyone is wearing and why. So, get busy before I string up some hemp and hang myself over here at blog central, please!!

    You can participate by just doing a post on something you found that is sustainable and stylish, if you don’t want to pull and model an example from your own closet. It can be vintage, thrift, recycled, your favorite sweater that has lasted 10 years, the Loomstate you lust after, your Freitag bag, bamboo, hemp… you get the idea. I am trying to do a good job of this myself, but I’m getting tired over here and would love to see what you guys can come up with.

    Or you can just write about your ideas surrounding this issue.

    BTW, as many of you know, ELLE and Vanity Fair’s “green” issues for May come out next month around Earth Day, so join the carnival because it is happening, do it for your Mother Earth.

    Jill Danyelle
    perusing the crossroads of style and sustainability

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