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In the past if you clicked on either “categories” or an archive month in the right sidebar, the page that loaded showed all of the posts in full length. I’ve changed that.

By the way, I’ll bet this blog looks easy, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be amazed just how much work it is to fine tune and tweak the thing. Until I got Movable Type, I’d never written code. If you blog, you have to write the code you can’t find, beg, borrow or steal. It is a cool program tho. If a program is good and it’s open source, your customers will fix it for you. You don’t have to thank them, pay them or pat them on the head. I wonder how much money Six Apart saves due to customer participation in repair and added features. I can’t imagine how much they save in product development and maintenence costs. I know there’s a lesson in there somewhere but I’m not sure I know what it is.

Before I digressed I was saying I changed how results from categories and date entries were displayed. I think you’ll like this better. If you click on one of those now, you get a list of entries with a short synopsis and a link so you can view all of the posts at a glance without scrolling all the way down to _ell. Looks cleaner too.

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