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Apparently, the topic of Lean Manufacturing is the kiss of death when it comes to visitor site stats. The numbers drop precipitously. Call me a sell-out but tomorrow I’ll be posting part one of the bagging tutorial with part two to follow. Some people still have not paid the modest fee for the kits they requested. I don’t have time to run around after people, please take care of it.

The visitors by country have changed since I last reported. Canada has edged out Japan for second place in the number of visitors but the Japanese are still sucking more bandwidth. Ominously, China has broken the bottom 20th and now sits at 6th place. C’mon guys, cough up some Yuan. What else do you want, a kidney? Heaven forbid they’re using my tutorials to get more work. The edu stats are always good. I see I’m most popular in Chicago, and the University of Texas at Austin follows close behind (I went to school there). It seems I’ve also been picked up by the University’s of KY, ID, TN, IL, IN, FL and then, there’s always MIT and NASA. Why would someone from NASA be reading this blog? It must be a secretary or something.

Speaking of coughing up, my list of donors to this site is 6. In 5 months, they’ve donated a total of $200 and I appreciate that greatly. I wouldn’t mind more donations so please consider doing so. Well-known doesn’t mean wealthy and I write with the purpose of earning it; I don’t draw a salary folks. And today’s probably a bad day to post that considering the low site stats.

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  1. Lean manufacturer: New Balance

    Site statistics be damned (there are so few examples of needle-trades manufacturers that employ lean despite the fact that we’re uniquely positioned to employ the strategy) but it would appear that athletic shoe manufacturer New Balance is a successful…

  2. Marie says:

    Kathleen, I’m infatuated with the lean manufacturing process even if most others aren’t…thanks for the information!

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