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One of the reasons I didn’t want to buy the Premiere Vision show guides is because I didn’t want to schlep those around in addition to the French pattern making books I bought. One must have priorities. I know you’ll agree I did the right thing.

Speaking of buying at the show, I bought a subscription to a newish magazine published in Italy called Show Details; it was frightfully expensive. An extravagance. They were having a show special, two issues for 100 euros (about $150 then, less now) with free shipping. Amazon lists it at $100 an issue with no cancellation or refund; first issue to arrive in six months. Eek! As painful as it was for me to fork out that kind of money (and it was), I knew I’d kick myself forever if I passed it up. Not your traditional fashion pub, it has photos of garment details, the things you can’t see in Vogue or from runway photos. Exquisite, really. I never imagined such. I haven’t received my issues yet -and I ordered past issues- and I’m becoming frantic that I won’t. If I could do it over again, I’d do cash and carry. That sounds easier than it was. The magazines are 16″x11″ and weigh 5 lbs apiece. Really. Does anyone speak Italian and can write the publisher (Agenzia Italiana Esportazione) for me? Please advise if you can.

I’m going home for awhile to take a nap; I’m not feeling well. I’ll tell you about the French pattern making books later which is what I’d intended to write about in the first place.

Oh, I’m going to Houston on Friday for the International Quilt Festival, let me know if you’re going too.

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  1. Valerie Burner says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Kathleen. I only remember a few words from the time I spent in Italy in ’84. Sorry! I know what you mean about not seeing details in the magazines. That’s what I look for, and they are usually not emphasized. Sounds like a great magazine.

  2. Kate in England says:

    My Italian is too rusty to be reliable, I’m afraid, but for what it’s worth, the magazine has its own website – – where you can see sample pages from the issues (click on the ‘contents’ link for each one) and also subscribe directly from them for the same price you paid ($100 for two issues). AIE is a middle-man by the looks of it – an export company rather than the publisher. Mail between Europe and the US does seem to take an age, though – even pan-European subscriptions can take a very long time to turn up. How long have you been waiting?

  3. Kathleen says:

    MUAHHH! Thank you Kate! Actually, I figured out I got it directly from the publisher so your tip was extremely helpful in knowing where to write (I searched like crazy too!). I can always get a refund through my cc but I’d prefer to have the magazine. I ordered it on the 23rd of September; they processed my card on the 24th.

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