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Speaking of interesting blogs, I meant to tell you about The Sewing Divas. Although their site is still very new, they’re building an archive of material -between 6 collaborators!- and there’s bound to be something to interest you. Actually, you should recognize some of their names; they hang out here too. Or did. It’s likely I pissed somebody off because they had linked to me but have since taken it down (they link to other people who don’t link to them so I don’t think that’s the reason). Still, I think you’ll agree their site is worth visiting. For example, I’d meant to post this last week but Georgene posted the skinny on her recent trip to Korea and China. I don’t know exactly what she does but I think she works for a large push manufacturer. In her post Women’s War Daily, she explains that sourcing there -as here- can be a headache. There’s also some interesting shop shots. I’m hoping she’ll add a second part with more details but she’s pretty busy.

Other recent posts on site are construction of an inverted kick pleat, placket embellishment, an announcement of The Tailor’s Art exhibition at FIT, and lastly, they’ll be hosting the upcoming Carnivale of Couture. I like the topic they’ve chosen. I’ve been hard pressed to participate in past carnivals because the topics just didn’t apply to me but this is one I can work with.

…this weeks Carnivale of the Couture topic is “Ritual Cloth” – tell us about your special item, the story behind it and why it transcends mere fashion for you. It can be that special pair of super fantastic shoes that filled you with such confidence that you aced a much desired job interview. It can be that vintage Hermes scarf that your grandmother owned and has such meaning that you just couldn’t cut it up and the Project Runway judges slammed you for it. It can be the dress you made in 24 hours for the funeral of a beloved family member. It can be a Garfield tie your father wore…We want to hear about any fashion item with a history, a story or a pedigree and why it means something to you.

By the way, anyone with a blog can participate in the carnival. Actually, even if you don’t have a blog because you can post your entry under comments. They’re posting blog entries on the 16th of June so be sure to get yours in before then. All the details are on their site. Enjoy.

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