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CPSIA and tracking label requirements

With all the drama over testing, one thing we haven’t discussed is labeling. There’s a new labeling standard required for all product manufactured on or after August 14, 2009. The sources I’ve used for this entry are:

  • Section 103. Tracking Labels for Children’s Products
  • FAQs For Section 103: Tracking Labels for Children’s Products

I’ll include the specific section of law at close.…


How to hire a pattern maker pt. 48

From my mail:

I have started a small fashion business of winter coats. I live in [redacted large city] that has a very small fashion industry. I had hired a patternmaker that came highly recommended by [redacted] but she made patterns that were not usable for my contractor, since she, as most [redacted] pattern makers, does mostly custom and couture work and is not familiar with the manufacturing process.