Sarah Wyman’s shoes

Design student Sarah Wyman has come up with a truly unique concept; that of the detachable high heeled shoe.

Photo courtesy Nottingham Trent University

The heel is removed and attached by sliding an arch support rod into the slot under the ball of the sole, placing a ‘T’ piece inside and twisting it from the heel base to secure the heel. Sarah created the shoe as part of her final-year project on the BSc (Hons) Product Design course at Nottingham Trent University.

Sarah, who is hoping to get the product on the market, said: “The shoe can be worn in the high-heeled position for a formal event or a night out, or in the flat position for informal events or for when facing a lot of walking. The idea obviously saves on luggage too as travelers would only need to take one shoe for smart and casual occasions, instead of two. It’s a fashionable alternative to conventional footwear”.

Sarah’s looking for some backers, is anybody interested? This concept is a classic example of what can be patented and licensed. I’m hoping she’ll get returns from her intellectual property. Read more here.

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  1. Josh says:

    When I see this I’m thinking to myself, How will this shoe work? Because doesn’t a high heel usually have an arch to it? So how can a shoe go from flat to high heeled? How will that feel on the foot? Also how to market an item like this. I can’t see it in a store in a regular shoe box. I’m thinking of people trying them on and having to be shown what the shoe does. And will it be boxed with the heel on or off. If it’s off, then you’ve got 2 peices of wood that are loose in the box, possibly coverd up with tissue paper. If you don’t have them detatched then you have a regular shoe. So packaging and selling it seems complicated. I’m not saying it can’t be done. She’s either going to get rich or very broke.

  2. kathleen says:

    I’m thinking that the best way to approach this -and for a beginner no less- is to license the design to existing shoe manufacturers and let them worry about it. As far as shoe makers go, I could see them selling the high heels as an add-on that would match the shoes in any number of colorways. That way you’d eliminate the problems you mentioned.

  3. Natasha says:

    As a person who buys alot of shoes I wouldn’t go for this concept for the simple reason its kinda ugly. Just my opinion.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m thinking Home Shopping Network would be the perfect venue. And they should be sold in sets. You get 2 shoes and 3 sets of replaceable fashion heels. Jewel the heels up, make them really unique, different heights, make all 3 sets of heels work with both shoes. I think HSN would work because this the a gimmick. This has to be explained and sold. And I think the demographic is teens to late 20s.

  5. Natasha says:

    No spare heels in my purse I’m afraid. As it currently looks I think its the kind of idea that customers of naturalizer/easystep/hushpuppies might go for. Fuction over form. Comfort over style

  6. Susan McElroy says:

    It has to be a pretty soft, “form changing” insole, I would think…anyone who has lost a heel accidently knows that the shoe without the high heel rides way back on the ball of the foot and causes the toes to point upwards. Could that be why it’s in the form of a sandal? I agree that HSN is the best venue, and the extra heels have to be “wow”. And the travel market is the best too, especially the resort crowd. I HATE packing extra shoes on a trip! Heels can’t be kept in the purse, due to the “ick” factor–nothing is dirtier than a heel, unless you’re so rich you only wear your shoes twice. How about a cool travel bag that holds these shoes, heels, some “foot care” products and room for a conventional pair plus maybe a free set of very stretchy elegant slippers? I wish her the best of success–looks like it took a lot of work.

  7. Rachael says:

    i was asked to create a business idea as an entreprenuer for my college course, i thought i came up with a great idea. turns out you have already thought of it! it is a good idea becuase heels hurt and sometimes you just need to take them off!

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  9. EvelynC547 says:

    I absolutely love the shoe/heel idea and think it would work. Licensing or HSN (albiet you really have to have bucks to go the HSN route. And, of course, if she were in America she could audition for American Inventor or whatever the name of show is… can’t think right now.

    Congrats Sarah. The sample is lovely.


  10. Patton says:

    I know this is an old post, but is there any news on what has happened with this idea? This GENIUS idea. I don’t completely understand it, but shoes are way over my head in the first place. If I saw these somewhere I would be all over them. I have a sustained back injury and I hate heels. I can only wear them for short periods of time before i take them off, eye-ball their sentimental value and conclude that i would rather walk barefoot in nyc than wear them.

    with that said, why hasn’t someone invented something to stop the clank clank? I hate the clank clank, and tip toe-ing in heels (for me anyway) is nearly impossible. And i look stupid doing it.

  11. Milton says:

    really? i’m very disappointed at the response from you guys. this is a good idea. Even if it is not, she must be congratulated on coming up with such a concept. you didnt. she did. Why not appreciate her little effort before you go on with the critics. SMH

    Good job sarah. Kudos!

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