Reverse pattern puzzle

This post has been amended. Thanks to Natasha for the direct link.

For those of you up to a challenge, I present a reverse pattern puzzle. By that I mean you should examine the garment and draw what you imagine the pieces to look like. To inaugurate this sometime ongoing series, I introduce Zac Posen, an immensely talented designer. The dress I’d like to feature can be found here.

Your challenge is to draw the skirt, just the skirt mind you. If you survey any number of Zac Posen’s styles, you’ll note that I’m not the only fan of both Erte and Vionnet. oh, and if you load Zac’s site and wait for the intro to stop loading, you’ll see the pattern of the Vionnet style I featured in the re-inventing Vionnet post is featured (grey lines) so I’m not the only one who stomped on Betty Kirke’s copyright.

I will post all responses. Happy sketching and good luck.

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