Refine My Line

rockabilly_cowgirl_bodice_smI’ve decided to name the new series we discussed Refine My Line. Thanks to Cindy D. for the suggestion. It will have its own category on the blog just like Pop Quizzes and Pattern Puzzles do. It also has its own section in the forum (discussions will be polite, helpful and constructive where ever they may be). Some volunteers may choose to be anonymous here but not in the forum, it’s whatever they choose.

The way I envision this working is that each example volunteer will comprise several entries. I will do these like the Pattern Puzzles and Pop Quizzes, meaning I will post photos from our volunteer but I will not be posting my suggestions until you’ve had time to post your conclusions to help you develop your analytical skills. However, I will be posting my comments in advance in the forum just in case anyone suspects I’m cribbing from your efforts -intellectual integrity and all.

Our first victim volunteer is anonymous here but not in the forum. Since I can’t disclose her identity (and you can’t either), I’ve nicknamed her Rockabilly Cowgirl or RC for short. This entry is just a teaser so you can see what fun this will be but her post won’t be published out here until tomorrow. However, tomorrow’s entry with all the photos and my comments are on the forum now.

I appreciate the encouragement and hope you’re looking forward to this new series as much as I am.

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