Rain rain go away

People are surprised to learn we have annual monsoons in the Southwest. Here it’s been rainier than usual which at first was okay because the farmers really need the water. Maybe you heard our sister city El Paso was declared an official disaster area? The authorities have been closing I-10 off and on due to flooding. My shop got flooded a couple of times and the power keeps going out. It hasn’t been fun. I haven’t known when I could work or when I couldn’t. Haven’t ridden my bike either. I do very poorly when my routine is disrupted in the slightest way

Today we apparently have a rain respite. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come? No more sitting in bed, surfing the web and drinking mate till noon? Intrigued with the prospect of it all, I go in search of …

…because the grass in our front yard is so high it looks like a forest. We didn’t mow during last weekend’s brief rain lull so now our place looks like the rent house of the block. Now where is the designated mower in the family? I’m the designated edger, raker, sweeper and weed puller.

Hark and be wary! It would seem the sunshine has brought out the predators too. Below is a Big Game Kitty who is stalking and pouncing madly amid the deep savanna grasses…

It’s a lovely day here, the first in a long while. What’s life like in your corner of the world today?

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  1. Liana says:

    I have one of those “it finally rained” lawns too, and also a Stalking Cat! Lately he’s been death on good-sized rabbits. Oh well, there’s no shortage of them, I guess. We’re really glad to finally get the rain, though.

  2. J C Sprowls says:

    Today has been a beautiful day – what little I’ve seen outside my studio window. I think I need to take Maddie to the dog park so she can run around on the fresh grass a while.

    Though, the past few weeks have been very rainy in Denver. Yesterday, it stormed quite hard for nearly 2 hours.

    The rains are much shorter than I’m used to, coming from FL; but, I didn’t anticipate flood zones in the mountains.

  3. Laura says:

    Here in Miami, just looked out and it was black clouds. The sun is trying to peak out, though.

    The other night we had probably one of the worst storms I can remember. 4am, thunder and lightning, I was on the computer and and “CRACK” the power went out.I was sure that had fried it. I guess it was time to go to bed anyway ;)

    Now it’s raining. I love it.

  4. Martha says:

    It’s been raining all night in Vermont. Lake Champlain has been so high this summer that many never put their docks out.

    Several weeks ago, my daughter’s house in the ‘Nob Hill’ section of Albuquerque was flooded. Now we know why no one else has a gate through the cement block wall (as in your lawnmower photo) into the alley. Apparently three feet of water came down the alley!

    Just saw “An Inconvenient Truth”. I drive a hybrid (when I’m not pulling a horse trailer with my diesel truck) and consider myself enlightened but found this movie very interesting and inspiring.

  5. Marguerite says:

    We have had another PERFECT August. There has been a drought here in the SW for so long I’d given up on the garden, but last year we started replacing the trees that had died and this year we are heavy into garden mode. It is beautiful, so glad the weather has changed, the most beautiful clouds I have seen ever. I am in awe of the sky every day.

  6. Marilyn says:

    We were in Denver for a couple of days at the end of last week. It was a nice respite from our summer heat in Kansas and I enjoyed the rain showers. Back home today, I woke up to a gentle thunderstorm (gentle rumbles as opposed to the knock-you-out-of-bed cracks of thunder.) Sadly, no cat, but the lawn is mostly dead anyway. The weeds in the garden are doing well, thank you.

  7. Tom Willmon says:

    Another humid day here in the “semi-arid Southwest”. I got a half-years allotment of rain last month, (yearly average is maybe 14″), 3 1/3″ so far this one. Flood watch has been posted nearly every day for at least 2 weeks, though yesterday was rain-free here. If we get a good rain the normally-dry creek on the way into my place may come up too high for my Honda and strand me here for a day or so. Better here than the other side, tho.

    Around the bird feeder is a jungle of millet, sunflower, and milo growing from spilled feed, and young Moe cat likes to belly-down in that and menace the birds. Occasional shots with the water cannon (a quart in a 1/4″ stream) have dampened his ardor for hunting there.

    This is the greenest I’ve seen NM in the 7 years I’ve lived here. Just beautiful! First day without forecast storms, I’m getting out a canoe and going to the river.

    near Mountainair, (mid) New Mexico

  8. Karen C. says:

    My corner of the world? It’s dazzling beautifully sunny, not too hot, with a nice Delta river breaze. Just another beautiful day in California–with just a touch of golden hue in the sunlight promising a gorgeous Fall.

  9. Jess says:

    It’s been 90something every day for weeks and hasn’t rained much all summer. There’s huge peppers turning red in the garden, those are the only thing that wasn’t bothered that much by the extreme heat this summer. There’s air conditioning in the shop so the heat hasn’t bothered me that much.

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