Promising news in textiles

Because we all know how impossible it is to locate textiles made in the USA these days, I was intrigued to read of a new cotton processing mill opening in Louisiana. Yes. Seriously. The first of two. And owned by a Mexican company (Zagis) no less. I thought the trend had long been to move those jobs to Mexico and points east, not to bring them here. How this will pan out to potentially making domestic sourcing viable again is not certain but it’s a start. And considering the difficult economy, this is very good news. See the press release (.doc) for more information.

Speaking of textile related sources, I’ve subscribed to a blog called National Textile Association. It’s short, sweet and informative news.

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  1. Dara says:

    It may be I’m from NC which is a textile state, but much of my textiles are sourced within a few hours distance except silk.

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