We sound like we’re being paid for these reviews!, July 30, 2004
By V. Garcia

But we’re not. There’s just nothing else out there like it. It’s a shame that I only heard of it at a trade show, because it deserves to be read by many more people in the sewn product biz. I’ve been designing and manufacturing for two years, and this book has just jumped me to a level that I thought would take me another 10 years to achieve. It also explains so much of the bizzare behavior that I’ve encountered in the industry. I thought it was all just because I’m such a small company, but it’s much more than that. And now I know how to navigate and make it happen. Buy this book. This woman deserves all the money we can throw at her.

So much info at a fantastic price, February 4, 2004 By “mamartin24”

I absolutely enjoyed every bit of this book. I paid much more for a 6 hour seminar that did not cover half of the information in this book, and no where near this level of depth.

Kathleen’s book covers so many facets of apparel manufacturing, it is sufficient information to get your business off the ground and cover you for the first few years, if not longer. If you ever wanted to know where to start, how to start, and how to get things going, THIS is the book to give you that information.

I appreciate her candor, and her examples of real mistakes people make. While you may find yourself laughing at some of them, thinking, there is no way you would have done that, you will always find something that you wanted to do that is on the list of “don’ts”.

You know when you read this book that it was written by someone who cares about aspiring designers, and not someone who wrote it to add to their list of accomplishments as an industry expert. This is the real deal. It feels like you are sitting down listening to someone talk and share their years of experience about what they have learned in the industry.

When buying an “industry” book, one of the main issues that arises is you want to be sure it’s not a “beginner’s” book, a book for people without any type of clue. You know you are a person who has researched and learned a lot and you don’t want a book that tells you most of hat you already know.

This is not that book. You WILL learn a lot from this book.

There are business organizations and associations that produce books that have a quarter of the information at more than four times the price. This book is a great buy.

STOP NOW AND BUY THIS BOOK!!!!, August 7, 2006 By Amber Vazquez “Amberlina”

No, REALLY, I mean it!! If you are considering becoming a design entrepreneur, do not make another move until you buy this book!! Kathleen answers SO MANY questions and provides fantastic advice. She is very HONEST, straight-forward, and quite witty too. This book is a BIBLE for me and has finally set me in the right direction towards getting my business off the ground. It has given me a clear, concise, “To-Do” list and guideline to follow, as well as a plethora of other invaluable information. I am so GRATEFUL to have found this book, and have gained a genuine sense of confidence since reading it. I honestly feel that she could be selling this book for twice what it’s listed at, and it would still be worth every penny!!! The cost of this book pales in comparison to the cost of any mistakes you may make starting-up! I remember thinking, “Man, 60 bucks? Do I really want to spend that right now?” Take it from me, the answer is “YES! YES YOU DO!!!” This $60 could end up saving you thousands in the long run! It has already saved me from making quite a few classic DE (Design Entrepreneur) mistakes, one of them being ordering fabric too prematurely!! Trust me, read this book and you will know WHEN to do everything you need to do, and you won’t be stressed about it either. Imagine that!!


This book is a MUST HAVE for everyone starting a business!, September 24, 1998
By A Customer

If you are serious about starting a sewn product manufacturing business, YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK! If you don’t, you just kissed your chances of success good-bye. Kathleen tells you all of the ins-and-outs of getting along with the players in the industry; and if you don’t play the game right, you don’t play at all, because they will refuse to do business with you!

There is so much information packed into this book, you’ll be amazed! I’ve read the book twice, and am starting to read it for the third time, and I pick up more things each time through. Kathleen provides guidelines of what to do, and in what order, so that you don’t end up with thousands of dollars in inventory that you can’t sell. Then she shows you how to avoid the many pitfalls just waiting for newbies. She also goes into great detail about all the mistakes the “big boys” make, and how you can avoid them. She provides tips and tricks from production pattern making techniques to fitting ideas to picking sewing contractors.

Kathleen’s book is easy to read; it is both entertaining and educational. And it’s the only book of its kind! Kathleen is very concerned about the future of the industry; and with her guidance, future designer entrepreneur’s (DEs) may save the industry from failure.

I firmly believe that this book, and joining the forum Kathleen formed to help DEs get started, are the two best things you can do for your business! You can request information about joining the forum on her website or by calling Kathleen.) Buy the book – it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Why is this book so hard to find? August 14, 2002 By Lola (wanderer) –

I’ve gone through a whole slew of “Starting Your Own Business” and likeminded entrepreneur books. This has been by far the best of them, and not just because it applies to the particular niche I’m interested in. Kathleen tells you in a direct, honest, and no-frills way what you need to do and how to do it. This is the only “startup” book that I have encountered that approaches the problem like one would a Product Development cycle: plan, design, prototype, iterate, create. This just means that like any project or product that is put out by the “big guys”–whether it’s software, products, or a couture gown–a project plan has to be created and adhered to. This book does just that and only asks that you stick with this plan throughout its lifecycle. Seems like common sense, but you would be surprised how many books don’t ever mention or emphasize that!

She also provides some useful templates (like a checklist of what you need to be hand off to sewers, cutters, pattern-makers) and advice (for example, never say that you do “couture” or get too confident about your sewing prowess if you’ve always been a home sewer). The only downside is that though the title suggests that the book discusses all sewn product manufacturers, there is definitely an emphasis on sewn *garment* products. Why does this matter? Because several of the steps and templates in the book are not applicable to those who aren’t in the garment industry, but you’re never sure which steps to eliminate as a result. Also, I wish that she had discussed finding suppliers in greater depth. In my experience, this has been the number one challenge for a small manufacturer. One last thing, this book is near impossible to find and never seems to be in stock! But there really isn’t any other book like it out there…so it’s worth the wait.

Buy this book if you know what’s good for you!, March 5, 2005 By Jess Latham

If you want to get into the sewn product business you need this book. This book is my bible. Besides being incredibly informative it’s also reassuring, but not falsely so. Kathleen writes in a natural and frank voice people can understand. She doesn’t cloud or overpower you with unnecessary big words. On days when I’m pulling my hair out and wondering why I decided to get into making men’s apparel I take this book out and read a few passages aloud. Yes, it’s that good! You will laugh, cry and then get excited about your challenges ahead.

A great investment and resource for the entrepreneur, September 30, 2005
By S. Roberson

I have never written such a review in the past and don’t expect to ever again. However, this book and the author compel the effort. This book provides a deep, broad, and practical education on the sewn products industry. It is well written and highly readable. As an apparel industry novice with a unique idea, I needed to learn the fundamentals of the industry before launching my enterprise. Kathleen’s book provided that and more. The book includes insights and subtleties that will save a newcomer years on the learning curve and thousands in mistake avoidance. Finally, the author is amazingly accessible and supportive of designers and entrepreneurs. This book and the author’s efforts have a magic about them, and I’m thrilled to have been touched by both.

So many things I needed to know, January 7, 2007 By Roady Jane

If you are interested in entering the fashion industry but don’t know much about it, this book is a life-saver. An experienced patternmaker gives the low-down on what makes you appear to be an amateur and how everything works. She explains the different jobs and the process of manufacturing. Everything from concept to finished product is detailed, with handy tips along the way. I highly recommend this book!

Your new Bible if You’re looking to Get Into Apparel Manufacturing, March 31, 2006 By Nicole Castaneda

I’ve ordered upwards of 75 books and/or CDs from amazon over the years and this is the first review I am ever writing because I really feel compelled to. I received this book earlier in the week and I have not been able to put it down.

My partner and I are a startup in the business of Women’s apparel manufacturing and were looking for a book that would give us the tools we needed to start off on the right foot. Talent is talent and skill is skill, but without knowledge of how to start in this industry, you’re pretty much out of luck.

I’ll admit that I’m not yet all the way thorough, but I have already learned SO MUCH. By the time you’re done with the first 100 pages alone, you’re fired up and excited to begin, but also realistic about what to expect and what NOT to expect.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone lookign to start their own sewn product manufacturing business. Kathleen is honest and funny, irreverent and intelligent.

I purchased this along with 9 other books relating to women’s apparel manufacturing and design on amazon, and if I had to choose just one based on the best value for my money and also the most valuable knowledge provided, this is most definitely THE book. GET THIS BOOK and support Kathleen Fasanella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t pass this up!!!, August 21, 2003 By Erin Braxton

I purchased this book several months ago and have read and re-read this book. Kathleen does an amazing job of really explaining this business. I was so confused on what approach I would take before reading her book, but now I have a lot of the particulars figured out. Like how I’m going to enter the market, how to go about actually getting good patterns made, how to choose the right people to help me make my dream come true. Unlike another book I purchased, this book really breaks down the basics of what needs to be done. I carry it back and forth with me to my current job everyday and constantly refer to it. I now feel I’m at a point where I can actually get started without feeling like I’m on unstable ground. A lot of people will look at the price and will think it’s too much, and will opt for a cheaper title. But this book is a small price to pay for the knowledge it gives you. You don’t have to go to design school to be a design entrepreneur. This has been the best investment toward my future business yet!

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