Section 1: A Newcomer’s Guide to the Trade
What is Manufacturing?
Reality 101
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid
Weird Things that No One Ever Tells You
What Your Name Says About You
Free-Lance Design
Small Service Provider Tips
How to Protect Your Work

Section 2: How to Plan A Line
Manufacturing 101
Job Descriptions in the Industry
Developing Product Concepts
Determine Market Entry
Production Scheduling 101
Troubleshooting Concept Development
The Art of Ordering Fabrics
Go Broke Quick! (don’t read this)
Design Process Tools
What are Style Numbers?
Numbers Are Your Friends
What Are Blocks?
Do You Need a Pattern Maker?
How to Hire a Pattern Maker
Troubleshooting Product Development
Why You Need a Fit Model
Design Process Organization
13 Best Business Sins

Section 3: Market
What is Quality…Really?
A Boutique Owner Tells All
Sales Reps 101
Contracts and Conditions
A Rep Rats on Reps
Feed-Store Pete: A Retailer’s View
Sales Policies: A DE’s View
Market Samples, Permission to be Paranoid
Scout a Market (and the Competition)
Market Trends; What Consumers Want

Section 4: Production
Product Costing; CM&T
Production Cutting; Making Markers
How to Hire a Grading Service
Production Sewing 101
Practice Sewing Organization
Industrial Sewing Theory
How to Hire a Sewing Contractor
Troubleshooting Sewing Contractors
Product Costing and Pricing
Setting Up Shop

Section 5: Improving Product Quality
How to Make Guides and Templates
Lining Drafts; Vests, Jackets and Sleeves
Textile Testing
How to Test and Measure Shrinkage
Cutting a Pattern for Shrinkage
Fundamentals of Fitting: Torso
A Practical Guide to Grading
Production Pattern Making 101
Advanced Guides and Templates

Section 6: Management and Trends
Financing for Manufacturing
One Reason Corporations Succeed
Why People Quit
Troubleshooting Project Management
How to Go Broke (quickly)
How to Go Broke (slowly)
Theory of Manufacturing Management
The Industry Model Won’t Work for You
The Big Dirty Secret
Why DEs are Destined to Succeed

Section 7: Resources
Trade Suppliers, Magazines & Resources
Market Show Contact Information
Test Your Knowledge (answers)
Small Business Survey

A List of Sample Forms, Charts and Tables
Define Your Target Customer
Production Schedule
Sketch Sheet (pdf)
Style Meeting Checklist
Pattern Card/Cutter’s Must (pdf)
Input Control Form
Allocation Table
Manufacturing Rules
Salesman-Manufacturer Sales Contract
CM&T Worksheet
Product Specifications Sheet
Contractor Evaluation Form
Product Costing Sheet
Basic Tool List
Master Schedule Checklist
Note: All of the forms in the book (not just the ones listed above) are available in both pdf and word doc format here in the forum, along with a lot of other useful forms, charts, manuals and service lines.


  1. Sioban Staplin says:

    I am loving the content of your book!
    Would you happen to have it in an electronic format for purchase?
    Thank you

  2. Jane Robinson says:

    I just want to buy cotton patchwork fabric wholesale to sell on to local patchwork enthusiasts in my area.
    Unfortunately my area is south west France!
    The good news is there seem to be very few outlets for interesting and varied cotton patchwork fabrics round here.
    The bad news is I have no contacts and no idea on how to start a business in France.
    Any ideas on where to start?

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