Process Review: MT Install

Process review is something that should be done pre-production to prevent any nasty surprises once you get there. It involves looking at the prototype analytically to determine whether the methods used to put it together are the best way to do it. A clue that a process (such as sewing in a zipper) has a problem is if the application process is not uniformly applied in identical units across runs and respective of time and place (the same pattern should sew the same regardless of where and when it is sewn). Process review in the case of this business would mean critiquing a zipper install -for example- to see how nicely or poorly it came out. I’ll be using exactly the latter example once I’m acclimated to this new blogging environment.

Today’s topic of process review: MT (Movable Type) Install means that the weblog system needs to be tested by users. At this time I’m not concerned about the skin of it but the operability and features available to the user. So feel free to process review this. If you navigate a bit, you’ll see the comments from the first blog haven’t been imported yet, all in due time. In spite of the difficulty of installing MT, I know it was a good investment of money and time. And they do say the pangs of childbirth fade with time; but I’m still dealing with after-contractions ;). Your input is appreciated.

Anonymous posting is disallowed. You’ll have to sign in with your email address in order to post comments. If you prefer, once TypeKey is set up you can use that. My privacy policy has always been if I don’t use the information you give me, why would I let anybody else use it? I’m not going to share it with anybody else if I don’t even share it with myself. I’m kind of a privacy nut.

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  1. janet says:

    I am totally new to this whole blog thing..not exactly technically savvy I guess. But my pleasure at finding such a useful sight overcomes my anxiety of not knowing what the hell I’m doing.
    Keep up the good work Kathleen!

  2. Josh says:

    I am the captain and this is my shrine.
    Lord of the manor. See what I leave behind.
    River in flames, cities on fire.
    Yes, I’m a relic trapped in the wire.

    Hydrogen fuel, it burns so clean,
    throbs in the veins; a mother lovin’ machine.
    She is my wife. Her mechanical heart
    constantly serving ’til death do us part.

    Now a glorious war draws to a close.
    The yellow winds blow. And I have to know.
    Oh industry, whatever will become of me?
    Soon the cruel rains will start.
    Is it true we must part company?
    Oh industry, whatever will become of me?
    What have I ever done?
    Where did I go wrong?

    Joined at the hip; pain, hunger and I,
    leave our gift to the world ‘neath the phosphorous sky.
    A labor of love is the truest of all.
    But will I be forsaken after the fall?

    Now a glorious war draws to a close.
    The yellow winds blow. And I have to know.
    Oh industry, whatever will become of me?
    Nothing after the flood but the fire and the mud’s prophecy.
    Oh industry, whatever will become of me?
    Of me?

    Industry, charity, faith, hope.
    Industry, charity, faith, hope.
    Industry, charity, faith, hope.
    Industry, charity, faith, hope.
    Industry, charity, faith, hope . . .

  3. kathleen says:

    Josh, I guess that qualifies as a test message, lol.
    So how do things look to you guys?
    1. Have you tried the search feature (pretty cool, huh)?
    2. Can I get some suggestions as to appropriate categories (beyond the obvious, such as “sewing”, “pattern making”, “cutting”, “costing” etc?
    appreciated folks.

  4. Josh says:

    Do you love those lyrics or what? I’ve asked myself “Oh industry, whatever will become of me?” so many times in my life lol. That’s my theme song.

    I guess what I’d like to see in the sections is small runs fabric sources or low min and in stock fabric sources. I’d also like to see a section on machine attachments and their functions. So a run down of what machine is needed for individual processes.

  5. janet fennelly says:

    Perhaps I shouldn’t yet write this as I’m not yet finished with your amazing book, but I second Josh’s desire for the low min and in stock fabric sources, as well as the run down of what machine is needed for individual processes (assuming this is not in your book!)

  6. Josh says:

    Hi Janet, Welcome to the board. No, the book does not discuss machines and their functions. I do know some about the topic but I could know a lot more. I know what DE’s want to know because I am one myself.

  7. Janet says:

    Thanks Josh. I LOVE the book…it’s already been so helpful. I’m just starting out and not ashamed to admit my lack of knowledge in this world. I’ll learn it and get there…slow and steady wins this race (my personal race to succeed!)

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