Problem pattern maker pt.2

Amended 7/15/08
Apparently, some in the community have decided my role is an educator, not advocate. Odd, I thought one determined their own role. I wrote my book as an advocate. I reached the point of intolerance after having watched yet another DE go broke -in part due to exploitation. While the book certainly educates, it was the means to an end. The means was not the end.

In spite of my every caution and diligence, I am sometimes fooled. I have mistakenly recommended people and services that I have come to profoundly regret. Vocal critics in the community do not feel it is my role to elaborate when abuses have occurred. Rather than foment increasing dissent, I will henceforth refrain from illuminating abuses no matter how egregious, even when the offending party is not named as the party in this particular entry was not. As such, I urge you to do your own due diligence with regard to service providers. A good resource for this is the forum. Being private, members can tell you if there’s been problems with a given company.

The remainder of this and its companion entry has been summarily deleted.

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