Pop Quiz #478 pt. 2

Don’t I always tell you that these are not trick questions? Yesterday’s entry was no exception. The jacket was as described, no more, no less. If there were some hidden pockets, that wouldn’t be germane! (I’m laughing lest I sound harsh).

Keeping in mind I didn’t design this product, I think Stuart came up with what I thought was the correct response:

I really am guessing (and quite curious!), but could it be a provision for replacement of that section of lining as it wears/tears over time?

This is why I think this is so, harkening to the hints I left:

  • Price points: This wasn’t an inexpensive jacket.
  • Market: This wasn’t a stylin’ jacket, designed for an older consumer, presumably to whom longevity is important.

When I mentioned my theory to Eric, he said “how many people today will actually have their jacket repaired?”, which is why I thought someone over 50, probably closer to 60, the sort of person who goes to the bother of having their shoes resoled.

The first place that jackets wear out is along the hip line where it rubs along the body. Check out jackets at the thrift store and you’ll see it’s true. Having this piped area in the lower end of the jacket sure does facilitate a future repair. It’s a heckuva lot easier to replace this panel than it would be to replace the entire lining. This is a feature that I would definitely describe as value. This jacket is intended to be worn for a long time. Now is this feature worth it? I can’t say. I just thought it was pretty cool. Most clothing today holds few surprises like this.

The maker is London Fog in case you were wondering. I’m wondering if this might be the one but I don’t have Eric’s jacket handy to compare. It also had a separate collar stand that rolled around and cupped to the front that I liked.

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