Pop Quiz #472

Except for standard applications such as men’s dress shirts (and perhaps even then), how wide should a button stand be? The books say an inch -when they say anything at all.

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  1. dosfashionistas says:

    The stand should be wide enough that there is 1/2″ between the button edge and the edge of the garment front. This ensures enough lap so the front will not gape open easily.

  2. Pamela Erny says:

    This not may be the “right” textbook answer…but….

    If the button stand is being used as a design feature…it can be almost any width.

    Perhaps 3/4″..with tiny buttons.

    Perhaps 2″…with larger buttons.

    Perhaps 2.5″…with small buttons sewn side-by-side (i.e. a mock “double breasted” look done on a stand)

    Perhaps 3″…with small buttons “just because”.

    ~Pamela (an intrepid shirtmaker whose studio is strewn with 20 custom shirts…in pieces…waiting to be sewn!)

  3. kaaren hoback says:

    The garment type (jacket versus shirt versus tunic etc) affects the button, which in turn will determine the size of the buttonhole, and the hole determines the width of the button placket. The buttons and holes may need to be be scaled again for children versus adult women.

    If the design calls for a horizontal buttonhole, the hole needs to be 1/8th bigger than a flat or thin button, more if the button is domed or irregular shaped. The placket width should have a minimum of 1/4 inch on either end of the button hole.

    The placket size is ½ the amount of button overlap, therefore a wider placket may be needed for a minimum width when using a very small button. Stock placket widths for shirts seem to range from 0.75 to 1.125 inch.

  4. ShannonG says:

    To my mind, the depth of the fabric would have to be considered, as well. A thicker fabric would require a wider placket, and a larger buttonhole, to accommodate the same button that could be used in a narrower placket on a thin fabric.
    In general, however, I adjust my plackets to be about twice the width of the button.

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