Pop Quiz #471 pt.2

The answer to the question posed in Pop Quiz 471 is:

A chain stitch machine.

Vesta says it’s a lockstitch. I have no idea how I got chainstitch in my brain.

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  1. Todd Hudson says:

    The Singer 400w series looks just like this (maybe this used to be one?) and is a lockstitch machine that can be converted to a 2 thread chainstitch machine. Man-sew (http://www.mansew.com/apchain.htm) can do conversions. I don’t know how the conversion works but they have a picture (http://www.mansew.com/style86l.jpg) on their site of the conversion done to a similar Singer machine.

    Even as a lockstitch machine, the 400w is weird because it’s so small and the bobbin is loaded backwards and the hand wheel runs backwards compared to newer single needles. I have a 400w1 lockstitch at home that was my first industrial. It’s nice for light to medium work.

  2. Vesta says:

    Nope. This is a lockstitch. I think Todd must have the best answer to the puzzle. This is a Singer 400w21. We love it, now that the kinks are worked out, except for the inability to reverse. I just bought a Juki 555 something-er-other, with the thread cutter and auto backtack, to replace this as our everyday machine. But I heart this machine, anyway.

  3. Rusty says:


    Maybe you have figured out how to thread your machine by now. If not, maybe this will help.

    I was recently given the same machine. I found the manual for it on-line. You can save it in pdf format and there is no cost for this. Here’s the link: http://parts.singerco.com/IPinstManuals/400W21_22_23_24_28_29_33.pdf

    This manual has instructions for threading the machine. The instructions are a bit terse and the pictures are just what you would expect back in the day. But it might help.

    My machine came with only one bobbin. I’m still looking for a parts list that will tell me which bobbin this machine uses. If you know this information, please reply.


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