Pop quiz #467

Els Schroder (one of the Sewing Divas) sent me some product samples she says they use in The Netherlands. I didn’t know what they were, I had to ask. Once she told me, it seemed rather obvious. Let’s see how you do.

Off topic:
On the Sewing Divas site (they’re so funny, they all work in the apparel industry in some form but this is their hobby sewing site), Diva Georgene posted a query on whether people prefer technical or artistic illustrations when selecting a style. Apparently, everyone prefers technical illustrations. Keep that in mind when working with service providers and when making line sheets.

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  1. mack dugan says:

    If i remember correctly these are precut sleeve headers or “shaped wadding” (this is what we called them in New Zealand where i trained.) They are sewen into the sleeve head in tailored jacket to give a nice roll at the shoulder.

  2. J C Sprowls says:

    OMG! I can’t stop laughing/crying at the Banana Guard website.

    Please notice: I’m refraining from being my ornery self…

  3. Trish says:

    JC, I have to refrain, also… hey, I can think of all kinds of uses for the Banana Guards, LOL

    Oh, yeah, back to tailoring…..

  4. Sandra B says:

    I was giggling at the bananaguard website when my husband wandered in and said in surprise, “haven’t you seen them before? They’re old news” I then clicked back to the above picture and he said “Oh, they’ve got fabric ones now have they?”

    I knew they were sleeve headers straight away, but apparently I’m way to slow to impress anyone.

  5. Kerryn T says:

    Oh there were days I felt like I was drowning in boxes of sleeve headers! I used to work for a women’s corporate wear manufacturer here in New Zealand and we put them in EVERYTHING.

  6. My brother-in-law invented and manufactures the Banana Guard, which is how I know about it. (His day job is ED doctor, and he did an internship in an STD clinic in Tanzania. Related? Like the man says, Protect your banana!) Apparently it does fit the vast majority of bananas, and if you have to bend your banana a tiny bit to fit into the case then it won’t bounce around inside and bruise.

    We have a few and like them to take bananas on day-hikes.

  7. Deanna says:

    Banana guards!!??** I just spit coffee on my screen!
    Anyone have a good online source for tailoring supplies – smallish quantities? (Can I ask that here, Kathleen? Once someone brings up banana protection all the decorum is lost.)

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