Pop Quiz: Who is the curviest of them all? pt.2

curviest_survey_resultsI am very pleased with the results from yesterday’s pop quiz.  Several of you noticed the distinction between curvy and “curvy”. Good show, here’s a gold star for you!

Probably the easiest and briefest way to explain it is by paraphrasing one of my earlier comments,

[ ]all humans regardless of age, sex and size have curves; we are not rectangular boxes. Compare the curved lines of a hot air balloon. Its pattern pieces are undoubtedly curved. Much longer and gradual curves -sometimes appearing straight- but curved nonetheless. Now compare those pieces to those of a soccer ball. The pieces of the smaller globe are much curvier than those of the hot air balloon. My point being that from a technical standpoint, smaller figures no matter how slender are much curvier than large figures, the latter being much straighter comparatively.

And of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. My next entry will explain why and provide ways for you to prove it to yourself. Oh, I almost forgot, this distinction is going to become much more important. There may be a collision between the popular culture definition versus the industry’s definition so it is something you may need to start thinking about soon.

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