Pop Quiz #480 pt.2

Last week I’d posted pattern puzzle #480 with exhortations for you to submit your line drawings of what the pattern looked like. We only had two entries (from Helen and Elaine) but they were each pretty good! I’m quite pleased. I’m especially pleased with Elaine because she cheated. Rather than digress, I’ll reiterate why I like cheating at close (there’s a lesson there).

Anyway, here is a picture from the pattern book reflecting the style upon completion.

There’s two tricky things about this design and both our entrants did the first one correctly. The style is unique because it has a raglan sleeve in front but a regular set sleeve in the back. By the way, there’s a reason we don’t make these other than complexity; this uses a lot of fabric.

Helen was fast on the draw, first to submit an entry. Here’s her rendition.

[The red arrows and dotted line are my edits.] This is pretty good! The only difference is she didn’t realize that the front raglan pattern piece included a pocket, intended to lie under the style line. Therefore, her front raglan line is stylized, following the shape of the pattern piece.

Elaine did much the same as Helen except she cheated by printing out the pattern pieces and taped them together. I thought that was awesome (not that I don’t love you Helen).

Okay, now for my sometime lecture on cheating. I’ll save myself some work by quoting me from this previous entry

I used to do this introductory 2 hour seminar called Manufacturing 101 and I’d start the class by passing out a quiz. Which we’d then grade of course, the questions being the source of the class discussion. One time, I had three ladies who all worked together who took the class. They owned a garment laundering and processing facility, washing mostly denim so they did a lot of work for the local 5 pocket outfits. That’s what jeans are called in the trade by the way, 5 pocket. Anyway, these chicas were all copying off of each other’s quizzes, passing their papers back and forth, hoping I wouldn’t notice. Well I noticed all right and when the test was over, I went over and confronted them about it and one tried to deny it so I gathered up their papers, and wrote a big fat 100, A+ and a big star across the top of them. I was thrilled! Yes! That is the way to do it in real life! I used them as an example to the rest of the class. See, these ladies already worked in the business. They already knew that singularly they couldn’t answer all the questions correctly but collectively, they stood a chance at getting them all right. Now, in real life, who’s going to be more profitable? People who already know they don’t know and who will actively work with other people to get the work done correctly. Isn’t that what matters? In real life, it’s not how smart you are that matters. What matters is being smart enough to know who does know the answer and where and how to find them.

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  1. heidi says:

    Hi kathleen,
    What made me wonder was the little triangle at the back pattern.
    Kimono drafts have a gusset and I have not seen it done that way. As a gusset is a “weak” part in the construction maybe here it is stronger? In a mens jacket it had too!

  2. Sandra B says:

    I recently discovered the books of Charles Leadbeater. His new book is called WeThink, and discusses the concept of collaborative innovation, in particular with regard to technology and the internet, and open-source.
    I also “cheated” and printed out a little copy of the pattern, but was a bit too slow off the mark to show off :-) I’ll go easier on myself, now I know that cheating is officially sanctioned. ))

  3. Helen says:

    Well, Kathleen, I cheated the same way! I printed it out and taped it together. I like it a lot and may try one for myself. I thought that funny edge on the front looked like a pocket, but I wasn’t sure how to put it together.

  4. Elaine Good says:

    So Kathleen, tell us how the gusset is supposed to be constructed? Or IF it’s a gusset…? The photos above are both Helen’s, you know… As she said, we both cheated, but came up with slight variations in how we did it: collar, raglan sleeve/pocket, gusset (or not).

  5. Kathleen Fasanella says:

    The photos above are both Helen’s, you know

    Well. That certainly explains a very confusing issue, thanks for clearing that up, makes all the sense in the world now. Except I look like a total dope.

    So Kathleen, tell us how the gusset is supposed to be constructed? Or IF it’s a gusset…?

    Honestly, I didn’t look at it closely. I figured it was a nonsensical doopley-doop of not much importance but I guess I owe it to you both to look at it more closely and figure it out. tomorrow.

  6. Elaine Good says:

    It is quite possibly a nonsensical doopley-doop… :-D
    From my point of view you can look at it again if you feel like it; otherwise, don’t bother.

    Thanks for the fun Pop Quizzes! You, a total dope? No, we just see that you do occasionally show your ‘just human’ side! ;-)

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