Pondering topics – pick one pt.2

Thanks for all of your responses to the poll. I should ask you more often, the results were not as I would have guessed. The way I calculated the results was to assign a 3 to one’s first choice, 2 to one’s second choice and 1 to any subsequent selections. You can do the math if you’re so inclined but here is what I came up with:

  1. 4  -71 votes for The fastest way to pattern and prototype.
  2. 6 -46 votes for Sewing a lined casual men’s jacket.
  3. 1 -34 votes for Knit pattern grading.
  4. 5 -29 votes for Pattern engineering to fabric width constraints.
  5. 3 -28 votes for Another reason small orders are shunted off to the side.
  6. 2 -22 votes for How to order a marker.

If I’d had my way, #2 (how to order a marker) would have been first, #1 (knit grading) would have been second, #3 would have third, #4 would have been fourth, #5 would have been fifth and #6 would have been sixth. As an aside, you guys should care more about ordering markers. I’ve been working on that post for weeks (months?). Maybe I just need to compare notes with other practitioners because customer lack of preparedness with marker ordering is becoming a continual source of frustration for me.

All that said and in spite of your expressed wishes, I will do #6 (lined jacket) first and then #4 (fast prototyping). Reason being, I just finished the coat and learned a few things I want to write before I forget that may help you avoid some problems while still in the design phase if you undertake a similar project. #4 is relegated to follow because I think it is a bit self serving and so, don’t want to lead with it.

Oh, almost forgot. The suggestions we got for other topics were:

  • How can we make the production process (the making from a to z) more sustainable. What can we as small manufacturers do?
  • I’m think the terms grading and fitting (and sometimes drafting?) are being used interchangeably. A post clearly explaining the difference would be great.
  • I’d also like a review/recap/more info into your private training sessions.
  • So what were you supposed to use to soak up spilled sewing machine oil, again? It was something grainy. I panicked and used table salt.

I thought those were pretty good. The last question was more a question of quick solution; I’d check with an industrial supply for that because it can depend on your flooring. Theresa mentioned a kitty litter type product. I have a bag of it around but haven’t used it in a long while. Mr. Fashion-Incubator may have absconded with it.

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  1. JustGail says:

    the kitty litter type stuff is Oil Dry, used in shops and auto repair places to soak up spills. I also used to use it as kitty litter, it was a lot cheaper. But NO clumping or deodorizing in that stuff :-O. You can find small bags at some auto parts places, but many places carry it in 50 pound bags only. Or maybe your local auto repair place might give or sell a small amount.

  2. Gisela says:

    I really cannot wait to read those upcoming blog post! Also, I miss being on here it’s been a while, my blog reading went on the wayside, excited to catch up!!

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