Pi Day!

Nerds rejoice, it’s Pi Day! Oh where to start with the joyous festivities? I know, this excerpt is sure to be a rousing crowd pleaser:


Seriously, this is Albert Einstein’s birthday! To commemorate the nerd holiday of the year, here are some choice activities:

Today is definitely one day of the year that I observe by appreciating your patience and willingness to put up with me.

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  1. Heather says:

    We are a household of geeks. We made banana pi to celebrate.

    Frank is a surveying engineer and self proclaimed math geek. My kid already seems to enjoy numbers be sane, simple and elegant.

    And having a 5 year old recognize pi is priceless. LOL, comprehension can come later.

  2. Christy B. says:

    You’re talking to someone who nearly got a golden spiral tattoo a couple years back; is phi as nerdy as pi?? According to that quiz though, I’m only 49% nerdy. Hmm…

  3. Darby says:

    So that’s why my daughter had pie in math yesterday! (She’s in 7th grade and just learning about pi…. thank goodness she’s better at math than I ever was… although I did make it through Calc II in college, which of course I use all the time now : )

  4. La BellaDonna says:

    Oh, how I regret letting the sweatshirt with pi and The Brain (of Pinky and The Brain fame – two laboratory mice who want to take over the world) on it get away from me! I coveted it for my brother.

    And what is this “put up with” you talk about? We like you the way you are, remember?

    I took the AQ test. I was … a trifle surprised to find out that I scored a 41. Now I feel gypped; I feel as if I managed to accumulate most, if not all the disadvantages, with none of the talents. :(

  5. Lisa says:

    Consider me a nerd…test or no test. I’ve been celebrating Pi Day every year since college, where we convinced our math/computer science professors to let us eat pie during class. My husband teaches Algebra I and is passing on the “tradition” to his students.

  6. Alissa says:

    Here’s a story in our local paper today about a sixth grader who won her school’s pi day contest by reciting the first 801 digits of pi! She won a night w/out math homework (for the first 40 digits) a free lunch (for the first 100 digits) and successfully defended her title as the Pi Queen of Harbor Day School! (There’s a video link attached to the on-line story…)

  7. LizPf says:

    Me? 96% nerd … and that’s with having never had math higher than Caculus.

    Kathleen, feel free to delete this is you feel it’s gratuitous advertising … but when I wear my GOAT hat I designed a bunch of Pi Day and scientist’s birthday images for t-shirts and other miscellany. They’re on sale at: http://www.zazzle.com/CartesianBear*

    And my whole family are nerds … my kids sing Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements Song”, and my son’s favorite bed time reading at age 2 was “My First Book of Numbers” (Kindergarten math).

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