Pattern Puzzles

Here’s something different for my spatially-inclined readers, it’s a pattern puzzle. The layout below comes from one of those vintage German patterns that I bought from Memory Lane Treasures. I’ve been intrigued by one particular sheet I got from them because somehow, I did not get the accompanying sketches that go with the patterns (I’m not complaining in the slightest, I have yet to advise them of the mix-up). The only reference I have regarding what this style looks like is the mini-version of the pattern pieces so I have no clue how the pieces are supposed to fit together. Anyway, let’s call the one below, pattern puzzle #1. The challenge for you is to draw a sketch of what this style is supposed to look like. You have the same amount of information that I have. The skirt is easy; it’s the blouse portion that’s the kicker.

If you want to see my sketch of the above, you can find it here.

This second pattern puzzle is actually easier. Can any of you draw a sketch as to what this looks like? I often wonder if home sewers would buy pattern products like these were they adapted (with seam allowance etc) for modern expectations and use. Personally, I think they’d be worth buying for the sewing instructions alone, nobody knows how to sew this stuff up anymore. Or rather, I don’t know anybody who does. What do you think?

I love looking at the shapes of vintage pattern pieces.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you all something. There is no legal reason you could not use these patterns -specifically these German vintage patterns- for the basis of style development with no legal problems whatsoever. For one thing, the company doesn’t exist anymore. While its assets may have been acquired by another concern that may be still viable, corporate copyright only endures for 75 years. I seriously doubt these had their copyrights renewed, considering the war and all. Long story short, there is nothing to prevent any of you from using these patterns as the source of blueprints for potential products. They’d take some work to make ready for use but the proceeds could be worth it if the styles proved viable.

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    Carol Kimball of Lyons CO has sent me her rendition of the pattern puzzle challenge that I posted Monday. I think her method of obtaining the solution would be useful to those of you who can’t put things together in…

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