Pattern puzzle: Junya Watanabe

I found another pattern puzzle via the boards on Pattern Review, courtesy of Els Schroder of the Netherlands (thanks Els!). This pattern by couturier Junya Watanabe is down loadable courtesy of ShowStudio (this is also their gif). If you’ve never visited ShowStudio, it’s an amazing smorgasbord of design aficionados. You can get lost for hours there.

And for those of you who keep asking why I have Pattern Review stuck under “sites I don’t like but visit anyway”, it’s a joke. I mean, if the site had no redeeming value, I wouldn’t go there -much less be a paying supporter of it- and I certainly wouldn’t post their link from my site. I don’t like a lot of the hokey stuff that’s there but the members (pattern reviewers) are keen enough to flay you alive. To put this into perspective, my husband’s website is also listed under “sites I don’t like” -because although I adore him, I don’t like his politics- but he understands my quirky sense of humor and thinks it’s funny.

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