Pattern puzzle: Danielle

This is a freehand pattern Danielle made in the imitable style of Julian Roberts (I wrote about him before). I found her design languishing in anonymity on Fashion Spot.

And here’s what it looks like -sort of- sewn up:

I’ve asked her for another picture and perhaps some illustrations but she won’t be able to get to it just now. She’s fashionista-ing at Toronto Fashion Week. She says she will provide as soon as she’s able.

This entry was inspired, if you can call it that, by perusing my links and noticing that the link to Julian’s pattern school didn’t work anymore. How come nobody told me? I could use some help with site maintenance ya know. So I had to traipse over to Fashion Spot to find the boy and in the midst of it all, found Danielle’s piece. FYI, the link to Julian’s school is now gated. Yep, you need the super top secret password to get in. It’s “bananamilkshake”. Don’t tell anybody. Only you, me and the 100,000 daily visitors to Fashion Spot will know. Anyway, with the password, you can see a bit of how Julian’s mind works.

To whet your appetite for what you’ll find there -namely, how to teach yourself- here are three views of a recent piece of Julian’s. He’s quite an artist. Like Vionnet, he doesn’t need prints to add interest to his pieces. Solid colors work best to show the intricate bends and folds. I think that’s what makes a truly great designer. This looks like some kind of woven broadcloth. I think it’d be gorgeous in a heavy crepe or georgette.


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Nobody thought these were cool? Wah! Oh well, I guess that kills tomorrow’s post…I thought a pattern analysis/config would have been interesting. I also had this pattern Gorgeous Ann lent me that I wanted to show. Bummer.

  2. Morgen says:

    I want to see! (I just got home from work.) These remind me of some cool dresses of Isabel Toledo’s that I first saw during college (an article in, of all places, Threads magazine…) It’s hard to tire of looking at them. Please post more!

  3. Jason says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    I really like Julian’s style and printed out his tutorials some time ago, however I have not begun to teach myself yet. I am interested in using his style of pattern making someday to sell clothes however I am not sure if I can do that legally?

    That is to say; learn about the three techniques and then use them more my own ‘indie’ line at somestage.

  4. Jennifer E. says:

    Just stopped by, I had been busy few days with the press release for this great new product I have in my store called Ujean ever heard of it? kidding of course we have.
    Anyways as for the above -love all of it – I actually played with Danielle design for days working modifying the pocket to more controlled. I was too shy to email Danielle with what came up with

  5. Els says:

    Thanks Kathleen and Danielle for sharing this pattern puzzle. I remember that post about the work of Julian he is a real genius. That red dress is gorgeous and I would love to see more.

  6. Lisa says:


    he IS thinking outside the box or tube….

    Thanks for sharing this with the readers. I have been busy the last week or so and just stopped by to read and look. I am a home sewer and your website is so interesting. I had no clue what clothing manufacturing entailed.

    Thanks again.

  7. Hi Kathleen & all ‘posters’,,,

    Thank you again for your very kind words & for putting up the correct link to my cutting notes. If you or any of your readers would like to have pdf hard copies of my cutting notes, email me & i’ll email you a copy.
    I am currently in talks with publishers about putting out a book in the near future.
    One comment made above by Jason (above), raises the question of using the techniques to sell some clothes & the legalities of doing so:
    They are there for everyone, and it would be good for SOMEONE to make some money from them!:)
    You certainly have my blessing.
    Keep well Kathleen & co, and thanks again,,

    Julian Roberts X

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