Pattern puzzle #1

Carol Kimball of Lyons CO has sent me her rendition of the pattern puzzle challenge that I posted Monday. I think her method of obtaining the solution would be useful to those of you who can’t put things together in your head. She has cleverly cut and taped the pattern pieces together to arrive at the solution. In this first photo, she’s enlarged the pattern pieces into a manageable size.

Next, you can see how she’s taped the pieces together for the front of the dress:

Carol shows the mini-pattern construction of the back below:

And finally, below is Carol’s sketch -front and back- of the style.

Other than the tie being tied and showing the underlining, I’d think our sketches are fairly similar. Oops, I just noticed that Carol’s rendition of the skirt portion is correct while mine is not. She also draws much better than I do. Thanks to Carol for sharing that with us. For comparative purposes, my sketch is below.

I haven’t received any sketches of the pattern puzzler #2 for which I had not provided a solution because I thought it was easier than puzzler #1. Similarly, if you’d like to submit a pattern puzzler of your own, email me.

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