Pattern Puzzle: Pt.2 of a 2 part argument

Okay, having answered the question from the pop quiz -what kind of collar is this- the operative clue being that the collar is a one piece pattern, how would you cut this? For review, the photos:

Please submit sketches, crude ones are okay.

Unlike other pattern puzzles, I will be participating in this one and posting a solution after you’ve had time to play with it. I’ve cut it several times in my head; I use challenges like this to fall asleep. It’s better than counting sheep.

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  1. Sonia Levesque says:

    Hmmm… Not sure what you mean by a “one piece pattern”. To do what I see in the photo, I’d cut a pointy shawl collar (that is attached to the front piece of the coat by definition, of course). And if you see the other part of that is the “smaller collar” as a part of that pattern piece… ??? I’m eager to see how this is done! Very curious. To acheive the look I see, I’d cut the smaller collar separate. Using my draping skills and making sure it’s got enough “roll” to it. Then slashing the bigger collar, I’d slip the smaller collar back seam inside the slit (as a flap on a welt pocket).

    Sorry if this isn’t clear. I see it done this way. But I could be wrong, of course. *ponder*

  2. J C Sprowls says:

    I presume you mean the lapel facing (exposed side), the interior collar (i.e. under collar and facing) and the internal jacket facing is cut in-one? If so, I can see it in my head, too. But, I think the only way to draft it is in paper.

  3. Barb taylorr says:

    Ok, here’s a longshot but it seems like it would work: The lower piece is just a giant lapel on a jacket that does not have a separate collar, so I am ignoring that. The “collar” must be the smaller one that that springs up from inside the lapel. The only way I can imagine this as one piece is to cut a sailor collar with a fold across the back, seamed at the sides. I have no idea if it would roll right without trying it, but if I were going to try to reproduce this look with only that photo & your clue to go by that’s what I would try first.

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