Pattern Puzzle: Pinwheel dress

One of our newest members, Sara Shimasué, designed this dress and agreed to share it with you as an entry to our Pattern Puzzle series. Click on the image for a larger photo.

There’s also another photo of this style sans glamor from which you may see the technical aspects of the dress more clearly (172 kb). Pretty cool huh? Easy to see why she named it “pinwheel dress”.

Sara Shimasué explains her path thusly:

After varied careers in retail, market research and television the pieces (my life-long love for drawing, sewing and design) sort of fell into place and I realised that Fashion is what I really want to do and that I am actually rather good at it. So at a somewhat “mature” age I went back to university to learn more! I graduated from London College of Fashion last year and have since been doing some internships with various designers.

I have been an avid Fashion Incubator blog reader for a while now. Since I am finally getting more confident and serious about starting my own womenswear line I gave up waiting for the exchange rate to improve and bought Kathleen’s Book. One of the things I missed the most when I finished my degree was the peer group aspect; having like-minded people to discuss with, brainstorm with, receive constructive criticism from, feedback, advice and support… So I am very happy to have found this place!

Judging from the results, Sara is good, graduating from the London College of Fashion with First Class Honours (1st) in 2008 for her final year project. That is not to say that when I asked her if I could use this for an entry that she wasn’t nervous about being on stage and subject to critical review (so be nice).

Sara sent me a selection of photos, two I linked to or posted. One item she sent was a technical sketch -of a sort. Obviously I can’t post a technical sketch because it’d give you clues as to what this pattern design might look like and thus subvert the whole purpose of this entry. This technical sketch was very very interesting, with refinements I’ve never seen before. As much as I would love to show it to you -and believe me, I would love to- I don’t think this technical sketch should be posted. I mean to say, if she were my client and I were her consultant, I’d advise against it. The final decision however, will be left up to her. Feel free to lobby her in comments.

The rest of you feel free to experiment with your renditions of what the pattern might look like. For my part, I may cheat and work off an idea I have to improve the pattern based on the technical sketch (I don’t deny rank has its priviliges).

Thanks Sara!

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  1. Emily says:

    Lovely dress! I’ll be scratching my head over the pattern all night. also, as a student I would LOVE to see the tech drawings for the dress! I love technical drawings and have been working on the best way to get details in without ruining the attractiveness of the garment.

  2. aimee says:

    i think the dress is pretty chic. the first photo is not loading on my browser, though, so I can’t see it. would love to see this done with a print…good job!

  3. Leslie W says:

    Scrumptious! Nice job Sara. Is that leather? I am giving up before I start on the pattern; way above my head. Although I find myself going over and over the details in my head. Might have to give it a go just for the stretch. I hope we get to see the other one.

  4. Susan says:

    Very cool! Made me think of origami with fabric.
    If you click on the x (when the picture doesn’t load) it will open the picture for you.

  5. Sara says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Leslie & Alice,
    No, it is not leather, it is in fact a sort of ripstop fabric that has been fused. As part of my concept I was limited to using end-of-roll fabrics that were donated to me, so had to be inventive in my fabric use… But I am very happy you ask, because that was the look I was going for!

    You are correct, this piece did start its life as a fabric origami piece, and sort of evolved into its current form.


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