Pattern Puzzle: leather bulls pt.2

In response to the the pattern puzzle challenge for the fold up leather bulls, Sandra Bryans submits an entry, yah! Here’s her pattern for the leather bull for which you can download the full size pattern (20 kb).

I couldn’t resist trying it out in paper which is not optimal. I can’t figure out how to form the body/legs with paper and tape (my pathetic attempt is below). I think you’ll agree this was very clever work on Sandra’s part.

In keeping with the paper fold up theme, Sandra took the opportunity to send me some origami related links. Did I ever tell you about Pepakura? No matter, she is. It is a cool software product with a free version (paid is $38) that makes 2D patterns from 3D files. There’s also a pop up card designer free and paid ($18). I love pop up cards. Anyway, she sends a link to an Instructable for making a cardboard Ghandhi. Sure it looks impressive (below) but you have no idea of the scale of the thing (left) but with the image on the right, you do. It’s 17 feet tall!

Sandra says her husband tried to use the software to make a MakeHuman body with thousands of pieces (hoping she’d end up with a dress form somehow) but ended up with an unrecognizable mess. Unfortunately, no picture of that.

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