Pattern puzzle: feraL chiLde pt.2

Here’s the follow up to Friday’s entry.

Jeff was kind enough to leave a link to a photo of the back of the garment. If you were surprised about the center back seam, so was I. I didn’t expect that.

The center back seam threw off Carol’s earlier submission; she’d anticipated it would have been cut on the cross grain with the front and back skirt as one piece. I don’t know why she thought that but would like to because it’s interesting to hear people’s reasoning processes. I get good ideas that way, things I wouldn’t have thought of.

Rita submitted a sketch of the front which was similar to Carol’s. While it’s not possible to be 100% accurate under the circumstances, I think both entries were very good (below).


Thanks to everyone for playing the pattern puzzle game. I have some wild ones coming up soon so stay tuned.

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  1. dosfashionistas says:

    I was expecting to see a pleat showing in the shoulder seam next to the neck. It sure looks to me like that pleat goes all the way up.

  2. Betsy Johnson says:

    I thought that the pleat went up to the shoulder too, but now I think maybe not.

    From the way it hangs at the model’s left, I think that there is a third pleat going up closer to the side.

  3. ClaireOKC says:

    Wow – how much fun to see the patterns drawn up. They are almost as artistically beautiful in the pattern piece as they are made up – like a wonderful Bach fugue is very artistically looking on the page as in the ear!

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