Pattern Puzzle: Anja Mlakar (?)

anja_mlakarToday’s pattern puzzle is brought you by Ulla Hörnell, an enthusiast from Sweden who wrote:

… does this left sleeve qualify for a pattern puzzle?

Indeed it does. And she’s endeared herself by posting a video of a remote controlled pair of yodeling lederhosen on her site. The remote is shaped like a knockwurst. Everybody in my family (natal and in-laws) needs one as a stupid pointless gift. I wonder if they sell them in bulk?

But I digress.  Ulla sends a photo of a style from Anja Mlakar (a student at Central St Martin’s College) from her presentation at London Fashion Week last February. I’m not sure this is Anja’s design though -which would be good news because when I saw the six pieces credited to her, they didn’t have continuity; another site lists other designers as having generated styles accorded to Ms. Mlakar in the India Times newspaper. For what it’s worth, both sites corroborate she created this piece which I like. Not that I’d wear it and of course, I’d like to see it in leather with perfectly superfluous fringe hanging off everywhere.

So, anyone up for this challenge? Any ideas on the pattern design and or construction? Also, I’d appreciate attribution if you are able to provide it. Thanks!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ditto! India Times indeed made a mistake! The Central St Martin’s runway was a group show comprised of works by various designers including Anja.
    Thanks Connie!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Connie -oh my word, that is amazing. Thank you!

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to hit the reset button on this one and post another pattern puzzle from Tze Goh today. Those collars are amazing!

  3. Sherry says:

    Yes, you must post those collars as a pattern puzzle! The lapel looks like it is relatively normal but scrunched, and the collar coming from underneath. Nice work.

    The sleeves are a horizontal cylinder and relatively straightforward I think – there is a shoulder seam, and a side and underarm seam, so it is kind of like a kimono sleeve. Except the arm exits through a shaped opening at the underarm, and the ‘normal’ arm exit is closed with an oval piece. The oval piece is concave – maybe it has a central seam to accomplish this, or maybe it is eased in. The foam fabric has the desired body.

    The ‘long sleeve’ version is probably similarly constructed, although I wouldn’t like to try and brush my hair in it!

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