Patently silly

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks some sewn products patent seekers are all wet. Patently Silly highlights silly, absurd and arcane patents for everything and includes bathing suits, underwear, and more. Consider this entry for house slippers -yes, house slippers- how corny can you get?

patent#: US D504997

While there, you can find patents for things such as the Anti-Wrinkle Bra for Sleeping, Underpants for Men, and a Muslim Prayer Counter Rug which has a switch you press to keep track of how many prayers you’ve said.

Another funny intellectual property site is IP Funny. An example from this site is a patented pair of jeans with a cut-out at your lower center back designed to expose the juncture of your glutes. You know, cleavage for buttocks rather than bosoms.

While you’re laughing at these products, kindly commiserate with yours truly who -in the course of product development with patent seekers- has had to 1) keep a straight face and 2) deal with the paranoia; each of these inventors is convinced they’ll make millions and are convinced others are out to steal their idea too. Ho hum.

And if you were wondering, I plan on getting back to more serious posting next week. Miracle and I are planning a new series and it’s kind of complicated.

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  1. Jess says:

    That site is hilarious. Can you imagine actually trying to walk in those slippers? Oh the injury lawsuits! The Fractal Jean Manufacturing thingy got my attention because I’m not sure I understand. If you like that site you’d like American Inventor. It was on last night has anybody else seen this show? It’s like American Idol but for inventors.

  2. Sherry says:

    I could barely catch my breath from laughing so hard reading yesterday’s linked Threadbared blog. Now, these crazy inventions! Too much! :-)

    Hi, Jess:

    I caught the last minute or so last week (or the week before). A teenager was crying, his mother was comforting him, one of the “judges” was giving him an inspirational pep talk . . . that, plus the promos for the upcoming week, were enough for me.

    I don’t even know what he invented, but his reaction was too much for me to try the whole show. The adults (whom I can barely stand to watch) can take care of themselves, but I can’t bear to watch the really young people (who really don’t, and can’t, know any better about how “reality television” works) get hoodwinked into making ratings for t.v. producers too cheap and stupid to aim for consistent quality programming. They could produce a show that is dignified (and humorous), but of course, they don’t seem to want to go that way.

    I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve been burned watching too many “reality t.v.” shows that I hoped would be better (and fair). I’ve usually learned my lesson and avoided Season 2. I’m becoming an expert at not bothering to watch Season 1.

    Was the show better than my prejudice tells me?

  3. Big Irv says:

    Jess, This may be one of the better reality shows this year, perhaps in a long time. It certainly has it merits and it is going to invoke intelligent discussion. We are seeing some pretty dedicated passionate contestants/inventors and this separates it from most of the other garbage reality shows. Of course, you are going to see some boneheads, but overall the quality has been very entertaining. Did you catch the guy demonstrating the flatulence odour filter ? Nobody at work today believed me when I told them about it.

  4. Jeff says:

    Oh, that poor man with the Bullet Ball game…I could hardly watch as his life long dreams were shattered. I don’t know if the show will be good or not yet I personally am attracted to the passion and cleverness of others. Hopefully, that woman with the fasion item ( the knot thing around the breasts) will not end up here at F-I.

    Of course, “winning” on this show will not constitute any form of success. I feel the football trainer thing and the bathroom door thing were downright silly. But hey,long ago I invented the hankerchief but forgot to tell anyone.

  5. Cambric Tea says:

    I don’t know anything about IP Law, but I do know crappy movies that played on Showtime when I got home from school. There was a movie called “So Fine” made in 1981 in which Ryan O’Neal is a failing garmento who lucks into a fortune when his split pants start a craze for exposed butt cheek jeans.
    Their were some countefeiting subplots and the obligatory romance angle.

  6. Jess says:

    Yeah, It was really hard to watch that but I think they were being honest and he’ll come back fighting, it can only make him stronger. I think it’s a great show.

    Irv, oh yes the fart pads! lol

    Cambric, sounds like my kind of movie. I’m a sucker for bad 80s movies!

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