Overzealous spam filter

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been wondering where everybody was, comments had dropped off markedly. Sitting in the coffee shop this morning, I idly checked the junk comment folder of the blog and found four legitimate comments on the first page! I never check that folder, I just delete it every day or two, I don’t get notifications for anything filtered as junk. It’s got to be this new spam filter, zen spam bauhaus something or other. ~sigh~ as tho I didn’t have enough to worry about already. Rest assured I’ll be checking that folder here on out. Summary: if you know you posted a comment that wasn’t published, resend or repost the gist of it if you can.

[amended] If you use a fake email address, I’ll delete your comment. No one can see it but me and if you think I will sell your information then your time is better spent elsewhere if you think so little of me. Oh yeah, that’s really how I make money, scraping the barrel to sell email addresses. How stupid. What could I get? A penny? If you think I’m that greedy, get lost.

I also think I’m not getting all of my email, that’s also dropped off dramatically. Maybe my email’s being filtered with zen too? At first I was enjoying the respite, then I began to wonder if nobody liked me anymore.

Today we’re going to the choo-choo museum.

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  1. Ayanna says:

    We still like you….its just your spam filter we don’t like. Just kidding. Continue having fun out there!!!

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