Out of sorts

I’m not getting it together today, maybe this is all I’ll post. I spent last Friday and the week end driving north, returning late yesterday afternoon. Road tripping always knocks me off base anyway but today it’s even worse. I have to be at home today; we’re having a bathroom retiled. I didn’t think it’d be a big deal but it would seem I can’t work at home easily. Not anymore. I can read but it’s hard to keep notes or a train of thought with all the banging and clanging going on. I just can’t concentrate. Now I’m hungry but nothing looks interesting. The house is a disaster, the sink is full and I want to take a nap. I am feeling crabby.

I am answering my phone tho if you need to chat (the cell # is on the office phone message 575-525-1577). Hopefully I’ll be back together tomorrow although I’ll still be working from home. How can it take three days to re-tile a bathroom? I’m available so contact me if you need to. I promise I won’t be crabby.

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