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If you visited Treehugger today, you may have seen the profile they did on NearSea Naturals. Since I noticed NearSea is based in New Mexico (like me, gawd-it’s good to be back let me tell you) I gave them a call to see if they did wholesale. Winnie says they do but not on everything. If you want to source wholesale, you have to use the search box on their site using the terms “continuity” or “wholesale” and the appropriate goods will load. Winnie says they can give appreciable discounts on 30-85 yards (depending on the weight of the goods) but that the best discounts are realized on yardage that she can ship direct from her supplying mills so you’ll have to request a quote. I found a very nice selection of organic cottons, wools (nice variety) hemp and bamboo. She also has some tagua buttons (Ecuadorian hardwood) and naturally harvested antler. She also has a few organic notions like thread, laces and elastics.

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  1. Jess says:

    I’ve been to this website before and the only problem is say for instance I really like the Natural-Chocolate-New Basil Jersey striped knit and it would look great made into a t-shirt but you can’t get a rib knit in a matching chocolate fabric for a collar. These posts are really getting me interested in natural fibers and dyes!

  2. Angela says:

    I like near Sea Naturals but I think their pricing is a little high. I am currently super fond of Cocona. They are a super nice Colorado based company using coconut by-product in their fabrics. They have hundreds of fabrics stocked and developed and have very flexible minimums. Although the fabric is woven in China, the fibers are made domestically. Pickering Intl. in San Francisco also carries all the loveliest sustainables and have a 10 yard minimum. They also have the best prices you will find for these minimums and the fabric quality. O.K., I gave up two fabric sources. Can I have two back?

  3. susan says:

    hi there, i agree…near sea naturals is expensive. pickering is wonderful. have you discovered envirotextiles or hemp traders? also, exotic silks is great if you ever need silk. dharma trading ( can come in handy as well.

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