NPR pledge week

I’d urge everybody out there to start or renew their pledges to National Public Radio. Pledge week officially starts today. I always wait to donate during the only show I listen to Folk Fury -beyond Morning Edition/All Things Considered- on this local affiliate KTEP. Other than the show I like, our local station is lousy. It’s a political thing, the program manager has a show, carved out in prime-time for his pet music genre and nobody else in town can stand it. It’s awful. It’s an awful show. I don’t like living in a town with a crappy NPR affiliate. Even Dallas -as right-wing as it is- has 2 NPR stations and one Pacifica station. At least they did when I lived there. Some parts of Dallas are just as cool as Austin.

So, if I gave them money, you should too. I got an ATC ceramic mug ;)

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  1. Trish says:

    I am crazy for all the jazz programming on KTEP. Jazz freaks, you know us, LOL!!!!

    I am a contributor and I have been for over twenty five years…

    I just wish I could get out of work in time to listen to All Things Considered.

    I happen to love Car Talk — just not as much as jazz, so I always donate during jazz shows.

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