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99.99% of you can safely ignore this message.

If your handy dandy search bot has notified you that your search term of preference has popped up here, this is for you. Your bots are sapping my juice. Bots tax the server and slow the site down, people have to wait forever for comments to post and what not if your bots are hogging the server every 2 minutes (literally). That’s ridiculous. At bare minimum, there’s 120 automated bot searches every hour. I wouldn’t mind if these were manual searches drawing resources but no, it’s people’s search bots run amok. The same ones running over and over and over, several times an hour. Good grief. Check your settings. It’s likely you don’t know this is what your errant script is doing.

Below is a list of offender’s search terms:

“technical designer”, technical designer, June 21, 2005, ed hardy, finding retail stores, sales rep advice, sourcing fabric, pant alteration, vionnet, find a sales rep, welt pocket, fashion careers, browzwear

These are the only ones I can post without embarrassing people. People who’ve been searching for their own names repeatedly have been notified privately, as well as any others I could pick out. If you are manually searching for these terms or any others via the search box, or you have no idea what this entry is about, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

If you want the latest on those topics, please subscribe by putting your email address over there in that box on the right hand side, below the cover of my book and “subscription options”. This way you’ll be notified of entries once a day. You can still use a bot to search but check your settings. Twice daily is more than enough. I’ll give you a week. If your bots are still misbehaving after that, you’ll have to come in through a proxy because your IP won’t be able to access the site.

I appreciate your cooperation. Thanks.

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  1. Jasmin says:

    I fess up, I am Vionnet … apologies, I subscribed to the search results and check them once a week (and have now unsubscribed!) … sorry for clogging up the server Kathleen, I’ll check my other subscriptions now :-)

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