Next Week in L.A.

For those of you in L.A. or heading to L.A. next week for the textile show, there will be cocktail hour at the CalMart on Monday, April 16. It starts at 5pm, and a bunch of Fashion Incubator peeps, including yours truly, will meet up in front of the bookstore in the beginning.

[EDIT] Karen left this comment:

Just heard yesterday that they may not be having a cocktail reception like they used to at the fabric show on Mondays. Karen Mamont used to run the show there and it was always fun, but she has now moved on to something else. So…there is a real kitschy bar called the Golden Gopher (; that is not far from the Mart (about 3 blocks). I’m going to post about this on FI/Connections. Still going to meet in front of the book store at 5, and then will start walking over to the GG at 5:15.

I hope to see/meet some of you there! I finally got to meet Karen two days ago, but we didn’t have enough time to chat! Gah! I want to meet all of you! Seriously!

Okay, maybe I should have written this post after the caffeine rush wore off a tad.

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  1. Karen C says:

    I was told yesterday by Kristy Young at the Calif Mart that they are NOT having a cocktail reception on Monday. Karen Mamont, the former Mart marketing director, used to put on a great reception with drinks, food and music, but has since left. So, Kristy suggested the Golden Gopher ( which is about 3 blocks away. We’ll still meet in front of the book store at 5, and then walk over at about 5:15 p.m. For a review of the GG, see Really looking forward to meeting everyone.

  2. Karen C says:

    I won’t have time to visit the Asawa exhibit, but highly recommend it. Saw it a few months ago in San Francisco (she’s from the Bay Area) at the de Young. Stunning, awesome, lovely–do go if you get a chance.

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